Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello Mucki =)

Hey Ladies!

im fina back with the craziest news ever...I guess yall noticed that my blog was like dead. I felt so sick all the time..i had some serious stomache problems,headache and i felt weak 24/7.When i fina went to the doc last week, i found out whats going on. And guess what it is? OMG i have a lil bun in my going to be a mommy :D My boyfriend and me didnt planned on having a baby now but im super happy even though its a big suprise. I know im still young but i think im going to be a great mom. And my boifriend supports me in every single way...he is sooo cute :)
Anyways we are 11 weeks long right now and im feelin always tired. No matter what i tired after 2 hrs. LOL
Oh by the way...for those who wonderin why i call this post "hello mucki!" My boifriend calls the liil bun "mucki" cause we dont know if its a boi or girl. He got this name from "king of queens" lmao but i think its still cute ;)
Okay im going to show you guys soon how i look ( i dont think that i look different even though my bestie says it all the time ) but im in my PJ´s right now and im going to hop in my bed in a lil while. im sooooo tired again :)
I would love you guys for helping not sure if i should start a new "baby blog" during the pregnancy or if i should go for a mix between fashion and pregnancy on this blog!?
What do you think?