Thursday, January 6, 2011

My new goodies

Hey Dolls,

i juts realised that i avent even showed you guys my shoes and all my new stuff yet. IM SO SORRY!
So i got my shoes from ASOS finally and i was sooo happy. I got them already a week ago but i havent wore them yet because of the snow. The snow is melting right now so i might wear them in a couple of days. Yaaay!

Really LOVE those shoes...they are so comfortable and look soooo cute :) Cant wait to wear them.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation (i got nc 44.5 ) and a foundation pump

MAC Blush called "Love Thing"

This is a perfume by Halle Berry called "Reveal"
I never smelled it before but i really love it. The first perfume i like since im pregnant.

So im going to upload a make-up look in a few days but i gotta wait for my brushes...I decided to get a few new brushes since my blush brush is HORRIBLE! I dont even wanna use my blush with this brush. I really gonna wait until i got my brushes.
Okay i just wanted to show you guys what i got the last few days. I wanna get some make up products by benefit but i actually have no clue how it works...i never had products from this brand so i would be thankful if someone leaves me a comment and tells me if you would recommend it or not. And if you do, are there any special products you´d recommend?
I need to shower now and hit the bed afterwards...i got a doc appointment 2morrow in the morning. I cant wait to see how big my baby is now <3

Love you,