Monday, August 29, 2011

TOM FORD: Autumn/Winter 2011 Womenswear collection



Beyonce is PREGNANT!!!!!

Beyonce ist SCHWANGER!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Remember when i told you about ObviLux? Well StyleSays is going to be OvbiLux´s future. If you loved ObviLux, you´ll be obsessed with StyleSays :)

What´s the difference?

ObviLux allowes you to save and collect all of the items you see online and to follow your favorite stores and other Luxers. I already loved that but what was missing??? Friends!!! StyleSays is the answer to this.
This is how it works:

 You´ll be able to chat with any of your Facebook friends as you shop online and as you browse our site, and add any item to the conversation in ONE click. As you talk the items you speak about will be collected for you to go back and look at, and when you mention a store or brand you like, or a kind of item you´re looking for (say, "I love Zac Posen" or "I need new pants"), those words will become links you can click on that will take you to personal recommendations.
You can still "Lux" items, though the button will now be called "Say it", inspired in part by how many of our users told us they use fasion as a form of self-expression. Whenever anything you Say goes on sale, you´ll be notified, and as you chat and Say items, we´ll also let you know when you´ve earned free shipping or extra discounts at your favorite brands.
All that plus a more beautiful site, easier to navigate categories, and more! 

The expected launch is early september and if you´re excited as i am, then click HERE and get early access.

Vor kurzem habe ich hier über ObviLux berichtet. Und heute berichte ich euch über die zukünftige Erweiterung von ObviLux, nämlich StyleSays. Wenn ihr ObviLux geliebt habt, werdet ihr von StyleSays besessen sein.

Was ist der Unterschied?

 Bei ObviLux konnte man alle Sachen, die man gerne online kaufen wollte, sammeln und speichern. Außerdem konnte man seinen lieblings Shopps, sowie anderen "Luxern" folgen. Allein das habe ich schon geliebt aber irgendwas fehlte...und zwar Freunde!!! StyleSays ist die Lösung dazu
Und so funktionierts:

Ab jetzt könnt ihr auf Facebook chatten, währen ihr online shoppt und könnt das Kleidungsstück, oder was euch grade gefällt, mit EINEM Klick in die Unterhaltung ziehen. Gleichzeitig wird das Kleidungsstück für euch gespeichert, so dass ihr jederzeit nochmal gucken könnt. Solltet ihr nach einem besonderen Shop, einer besonderen Marke oder einem speziellen Gegenstand gucken, schreibt z.B. "I love Zac Posen" oder "I need new pants" und diese Schlagwörte verwandeln sich automatisch zu Links, die für euch personalisierte Vorschläge enthalten.
Ihr könnt nach wie vor Kleidungsstücke oder Beauty suchen "luxen", aber der Button wird von jetzt an "Say it!" heißen, inspiriert von vielen Nutzern, die Mode teilweise als Selbstdarstellung nutzen. Jetzt kommt mein Favorite an der ganzen Sache. Sollte eins der Dinge, das du "geluxt" hast, reduziert werden, wirst du sofort benachrichtigt. Außerdem kriegst du auch eine Benachrichtigung, wenn es Free shipping oder extra discounts, bei deinen Lieblingsmarken gibt.
All das, plus eine schönere Seite und einfachere Handhabung.

Der voraussichtliche Start ist Anfang September und falls ihr genauso aufgeregt seit, wie ich, dann klick HIER meldet euch schon jetzt an.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time to party

Hello everybody!

So i announced this picture overload on here but i took not really that much pictures actually -.- I was dancin the whole time and forgot to take pics for the first couple of hourse. I took a few tho. I know a friend took a a couple of pics too, i hope to get them....if i do, ill show you the pictures of course!

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Ich habe ja hier eine große Bilderflut angekündigt, aber letztendlich habe ich gar nicht so viele Bilder geschossen. Ich habe fast non-stop getanzt und hab die ersten paar Stunden völlig vergessen, auch nur ein einziges Bild zuschießen -.-. Ich hab zum Ende hin noch ein paar geschossen, die aber jetzt auch nicht unbedingt so der Hit sind. Ich weiß allerdings, dass ein Kumpel noch Bilder geschossen hat, falls ich also an die Bilder komme, werd ich sie euch noch zeigen :)
( Dress: H&M, Earrings: H&M, Clutch: Vintage, Rings: H&M, C&A )

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I can´t wait!

Hello everybody!

I can´t wait for 2morrow. I went downtown today and bought me a few goodies. A lil bit jewelry for my outfit, im going to wear to an open air party tomorrow. It goes from 2pm untill 10pm. The party is at a lake and they play house music. Oh and the party is called "Seltsames Verhalten"...that means something like "acting weird" in english. UHHHH how i love those kind of parties.
Anyhoodle, im going to take a lot of pics 2morrow, so be prepared for a Picuter overload :)


Hallo ihr Lieben,

Morgen ist es endlich soweit :) Ich bin heute noch schnell in die Stadt geflitzt und habe mir noch schnell ein paar goodies gekauft. Und zwar brauchte ich noch ein bisschen Schmuck für mein Outfit morgen. Ich werde nämlich morgen auf eine Houseparty, namens "Seltsames Verhalten" gehen. Und zwar geht die Party von 2 mittags, bis 10Uhr abends und findet am Blausteinsee statt.  (der ist in Eschweiler, nicht so weit von hier) Ich liebe, liebe, liebe diese Party und freu mich schon ewig drauf. 
Naja, jedenfalls werde ich morgen jede Menge Bilder machen, also macht euch auf eine Bilderflut gefasst :)

Gute Nacht!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Garage shoes - Never again!

Hey dolls,

this post is not really about fashion..its about a seller on Amazon. The seller calls his shop "Garage shoes" (the seller is from the UK) and i was so excited when i found this shop cause the shoes were simple but nice, super high and not that expensiv. I ordered the shoes and in my mind i already created an outfit arround them.

That were the shoes by the way

The shoes should be delivered by Aug. 3th - 6th. When i checked my mails, everything seemed normal. I even got a mail, that said "sent" . Well...that was a HUGE JOKE! I havent gotten NOTHING so far. I contacted Amazon and they told me they were going to contact the seller for me, i should wait one more week because of the riots in the UK. That seemed logical to me, so i did what they told me. After waiting one more week, i neither got the shoes nor an email from the seller. So i called Amazon again, and they said they contact the seller one more time. I should wait 3 more days. Even I contacted the seller myself this time. I waited 5 days instead of 3 days and i havent gotten nothing. NO email and NO shoes -.-  I just called Amazon and told them to propose a motion for my money. I sure as hell want my money back. They told me, ill get it back most likely. If you ever search for shoes on Amazon, DO NOT buy shoes from Garage Shoes. Even if it´s very seductive. 
I felt so frustrated this morning and bought a different pair of heels. From the UK again, i hope i wont be disappointed this time. I should get these babies anytime soon:

Other topic: Im going to delete my German Blog and include it on here. Im going to write my posts in english and german from now on. I think its easier for me and i like this blog better :) 

Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey Beauties!

A couple of days ago, i discovered a lovely blog, called Cinnamon Tan . I read about this site called ObviLux on their blog and i became totally infected with it. As you guys know, im addicted to online shopping and sometimes i spend a whole night trying to find new online shops or just browsing through a billion of online shops. I always see gorgeous things, that i wanna have and most of the time i add a bookmark then. But i have absolutely no system in my bookmarks, plus i think i have more than a 100 bookmarks. As you can imagine its pretty hard to find the things, i saved yesterday night. Thats why im even happier, i came across this amazing blog. Its not just that im going to read a new interesting blog in the future, i also found the answer to my ( and to your ) online shopping problem:

super easy to use and to understand

You have your own page, called "My Luxes". Here you save and collect all your Lux´d items.
Also everytime you "lux" an item you gain points. Ranking goes from "Fashionista" up to "The Lux Life".

You can follow you other users AND your favorite shops as well. Of course you can see, what they have been "Luxing" and "Re-Luxing" !

I know you wanna "Lux" too right? ;)

This is how it works:

1. Sign up here 

2. Download the "Lux it!" Tab and drop it in your Toolbar.
(That´s what i did, so its always easy to lux my fav. items)

3. You´re already done! When you shop online and you see an item you´d like to have, click on "Lux it!" and a yellow frame will appear arround the picture of your fav. item. Just click, tag it and title it. Now you dont have to worry anymore, the item is saved in your own "My Luxes" section. You just have to click on it, and you get back to the original webpage, so you can buy it :) 

I absolutely love it ! Thanks to ObviLux for making this possible :)


PS: As you guys maybe know, i have a german blog too. I think about deleting the german one and write my posts on here in english and german. I think it´d be easier for me to manage the whole "blog thing". 
What do you guys think?
Let me know!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

inspiring <3

Get to know me :)

Hey Dolls!

Since the weather is horrible in germany, i decided to do the "Get to know me Tag" ! If you guys want me to do any other vids, pls let me know :) I thought about a Hair from curly to straight or something?
Hope you guys like it!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

What happened to the sun?

Hey Dolls,

I know i´ve been gone forever but my friend had the pictures. She just sent them to me...So here is what i wore a couple of days ago. I look super tired in my pics..its because i cant sleep for some reason. I keep waking up during the night, even though im actually super tired. So if you have any tips on how to sleep better..then please let me know :)

( jumpsuit: No Name, Shoes: TangoShoes, Clutch: Vintage )