Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sale, Sale, Sale!!!

Hey Ladies!

My friend called me 2day and asked me to go in the city to buy the last christmas presents. I said "okayyy, here we go" and went shopping with her. I made a good bargain and bought a T-shirt and a Leggings. I really love wearin Leggings since im preggo. I wear actually nothing else but Leggings and Tights. So thats what i got

Nothing special but the T-Shirt was only 5 bucks and the Leggings 7. I can´t wait to create an outfit arround it...cant do it yet cause i havent gotten my shoes yet. I also bought shoes from ASOS and i wanna wear them with the Leggings, i think. I dont know if it really looks like i want it to look. *lol* We´ll see!
Anyways that are the shoes that i ordered.

I think i can wear them even though im pregnant. They are not that high...well not for me at least...caaaaaan´t wait to get them...ASOS sent me a mail sayin that my shoes are on the way already :D I actually wanted to buy the ankle boots from Aldo..they were 50% off but they were way to oversized. Then i found this pair and i thought "you gotta get them"..they were 50% off as well...so i paid only 35 bucks. Maybe they´ll get here before christmas...i really hope so...
Did you buy everything for christmas yet? I still gotta buy some gifts...lol

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Hey Dolls,

2days is my Birthday (turnin 20) and i wanna show you what i got so far...there will be a "Birthdaypost Part 2" cause i havent got all my presents yet. I had a great day even though i wont go out. Im just gonna relax with my Boyfriend and enjoy the last few hours before we hit the sheets.

Love the design...

Awww my lil sister bought me those slippers...i tell you they r BOMB! my feet are sooooo warm <3

I got this ring from my mom and i aboslutely LOVE it...

Now look at my yummy birthday cakes:

cute muffins with pink and white sugger hearts 
 delicious cheese cake

I dont know the name of this cake but i tell you: It´s SOOOOO tasty..i just cant get enough!

So thats pretty much what i got 2day...like i said im gonna do another blog post on the other gifts i´ll get in a few days...And to answer the question if i feel different now...This is the first time i say YES I DO! Im going to be a mommy im like 2 month and i just cant wait. There is a new part of my life in front of me and im happy and scared at the same time...im definitely not a kid anymore and i gotta carry responsibility for me and my son now! NO GAMES ANYMORE! And i thank GOD i have such a great man and dad for my son...i really love him with all my heart and he makes me to one of the happiest girls day by day...
 So my lil man is going crazy in ma belly right now...i gotta calm him down cause since he is pretty big it kinda hurts when he´s movin that much....


Friday, December 10, 2010

Red Lips

Hey Girls,

so I wore the Catrice absolut moisture Lipstick (140 Burgundy) i showed you in my last post. I also bought a Catrice Nailpolish (070 Caught On The Red Carpet) and personally i think it matchs perfect to the lipstick. Thats how it looks like:

I didnt feel like wearing a lot of eye make up, so i just used mascara and a lil bit highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes. I used the L´Oréal Volum Million Lashes Mascara.
And thats the whole look. Well i ddnt take a picture from the front cause i had a horrible pimple and it looked worse. Hope you dont mind it.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Beauty Products


i fina got the cam from my boyfriends mom yesterday evening and took pics from all em beauty products i bought last week. I can even give you a review on most of them already.

1. Gliss Kur Deep conditioner: Havent tried it yet.

2. Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Express-Repair Conditioner: I love love love this product...i use it every day and it makes my hair so smooth. Its so easy to brush my hair after i used it. I recommend it, if you have dry, frizzy hair or split ends.

3. Iseree Peeling Gel: I think this is a german product but you can get something similar. I dont like soft peeling that´s why i bought this one. As you can see the peeling pellets look pretty big compared with soft peeling. I love it. It gives me a really clean feeling after i used it. But if you have already dry skin you gotta try it out. I dont know if its the right thing for you then.

4. Nivea Soft Lotion: I use this cream for my face right now cause since im pregnant everything changed a lil bit. My faceskin got pretty weird. Like sometimes its oily and sometimes it´s super dry. But this Lotion is super moisturizing and gives me a fresh look. Even at night my skin still feels moisturized and smooth.

5. Fa Joghurt Sensitive shower cream: I felt recently in love with that product. It smells not that intensiv and works better for me since my pregnancy got me a dog nose. I smell everything so intensiv and sometimes its just to much. I feel sick if i smell perfume or cigarette smoke. Like i smell it when somebody smokes a cigarette outside and i sit in my boyfriends room. He lives on the 3rd floor and i be like "somebody is smokin in here"  He is like " no what are you talkin?"  He looks outta the window and says "there is a person smokin down there..are u kiddin me? how can u smell that?"  Well i dont know...all i know is that its gettin on ma nerves to smell everything so intensiv. thats why i bought a pretty neutral shower cream and it really works for me.

6. Dove Hydro Fresh Body Lotion: I adore this body lotion. Just like the nivea soft lotion is it sooooo moisturizing. My skin wouldnt get dry again when i used this Lotion in the morning. I recommend this Lotion to everybody who reads this. Get it!

7. Nivea pure invisible 24h Deo: I always get this deo. It works always...It smells like you just hopped outta your shower. love it.

8. Catrice absolut moisture Lipstick (140 Burgundy): Its the left one of both. And i thing its such a pretty colour. I love this darkred and it fits so perfect to the winter and christmas time <3 It lasts pretty long and moisturzies my lips very well. I only payed like 3euro for it and i think there is nothing to complain about for that price.

9. Catrice Rouge Satin Lipstick (120 nude beige): Such a nice colour. It fits to every outfit and you could actually use it everyday. Just like the other one it moisturizes your lips good and lasts long. I think it´s a pretty colour for spring or when you wear pastel colors or when you go for a super natural make-up. 

I dont know why the pic came out so blurry but i tried it a hundret times and it just ddnt get better...i hope you dont mind it <3

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review on Garnier deep conditioner

Hey Dolls,

since i cant find the battery of my cam im pretty pissed. I bought a few new things and wanna show them so bad. It just sucks -.-
Anyways, I went to the salon a couple of days ago and i thought its a good moment to try out the garnier deep conditioner. I bought it a while ago and forgot about it until i felt like takin a bath last night.

 How to use the Garnier Deep Conditioner:

1. Wash your hair with the product you use normally.
2. Wash your hair out.
- (It´s your decision if you use your normal conditioner before you use the Garnier Deep Conditioner)
3. Rub the Deep Conditioner in your hair.
4. Leave it in your hair for 2 minutes or longer. (Personally I left it in for 10 or 15 min. )
5. Wash it out and go on with your regular rountine.

I think it works great. My hair felt way better afterwards. It´s still super smooth and it was uper easy to brush my hair. I really recommend this product. There is only one thing, that i ddnt like about it and that was the smell. It smells kinda weird to me but it might be my pregnancy too :)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I want them soooo bad


you guys don´t even know...im almost dying for some shoes...i saw them in a shoe store called sacha . It´s a netherland shop and they opened a shop in my city too. THANK GOD! I know this store since im a kid...i got my first "heels" there when i was like 9 or 10  years old.. brown lether sandals and 1 inch high :D I remember me beeing proud as hell.
Anyways i went to the shop 3 weeks ago and i saw black winter wedges. I WANT THEM SO FREAKIN BAD! I seriously felt in love with them. This is the next thing im going to buy when i finished all my other buisness first ( new apt. etc. ) I just felt like lettin you guys know that im crazy bout those shoes.
It´s time for a fashion post as well but its been raining and raining over here...so it´s not really the right weather for goin outside looking all nice :S Most of the time im wearin my overknee boots or sumtin similar and just a regular pullover.
If you have any suggestions on what to blog about untill the weather gets better, please let me know!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Sexy!

Hey Girls!

I watched TV yesterday and they played the 100 sexiest Videoclips ever. I started looking for older images of Madonna back in the 90s and the pics from her Justify My Love video definitely showed her sex appeal...I miss her Marilyn Monroe hair and thick eyebrows. You might wonder why i post something about this but one video inspired me like WOOW i wanna get this look so bad!!!! Plus i love the song. It sounds so sexy and seductiv. Give it a try!

I so so so love this look. The problem is that i would have to cut my hair if i wanna wear this hair style. I just can´t do that. I love my long hair. But i might find another way to make it look a lil bit 50s like. For example something like this:

If you have any tips or ideas, please let me know :)


Monday, October 11, 2010

I´m a nature lover


i fina took outfit pics again. You´ve been waiting for soooooo sooo long and i love you for your patience. I really appreciate that you guys keep following m blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Well my friend and I took a few shots yesterday and i actually wanted to post the pics yesterday already but she had a problem with her email account. I got the pics now tho.

my lil sister and I

What im wearing:

Boots: Coloseum ( i dont think this store is popular..idk tho)
Tights: drugstore
Pullover/dress: Tally Weijl
scarf: toystore

Friday, October 8, 2010

Shopping Pt. 1

Hey Girlies,

so after i failed wearing my old jeans and i just had to go shopping. I messaged my friend and asked her if she would go shopping with me. The bad thing she gotta work 2day so we decided to hit the city 2morrow. Anyways my mom went to the mall with me so i decided to buy new tights already. I thought im going to wear winter dresses and skirts a lot this winter..so i dont have to wear those maternity pants and stuff like that. Anyways i´ll show you what i got and tomorrow is time for "shopping pt. 2" . I wanna get other boots and maybe a few dresses or so.

I actually went to a toy store to look for a birthday gift for my lil sister. I found nothing for my sister but i got a bargain :) yaaay

 This is what´s inside the bag... a cute scarf...i love love love it.

black and grey tights



DONT mind my socks pls...lol

this is how my belly looks now..im 22 weeks pregnant nw

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Im back :)

Hey there,

im back again. So i ddnt went shoe shopping 2day..mom and I had to finish some buisness and we were just to lazy afterwards..lol. BUT i went to the drugstore to get my foundation. I fina have everything to get all dolled up again YAAAY. The foundation is called MANHATTAN- Powder Mat Make Up (Bronze 05)

For those who don´t know the foundation...it´s a drugstore foundation and i´ve been using it for years. It always worked out for me even though it costs only 4 euro. But it covers perfect and gives me a fresh look. I promise to give you guys a look 2morrow when i get ready. I caaaaaan´t wait to give my brush a try.
For those who are interested in my babys first fashion items click here.
See you guys 2morrow.


Whats on my plan 4 today?

Hello Ladies :)

When i fell asleep last night i already told my boyfriend " i think ima get sick..i feel so bad" He told me to sleep and thats what i did...i acutally wanted to get up at 8 o´clock but i felt so weak. So i slept untill 9.30am. Right now it´s 10.31am in Germany and i feel sooo HORRIBLE!!!! I guess im about to have a cold. Plus it´s raining and cold here. That makes me feel even sicker. But for all that i wanna go shoe shopping. My mom asked me to go shoe shopping yesterday and i wanna go so bad... Oh, i totally forgot about that:

!!!!Ahhhh, i got my Sigma Kambuki F80 yesterday!!!!

Since i got my brush FINA! i definitely need to get a new foundation asap. I thought bout getting sum MAC stuff..but my inner voice says things like " val you really shouldnt affort expensiv make up right now" So i guess i´ll place this on  hold and go for my good old foundation that i´ve been using for years. It´s a drugstore foundation and i don´t even know how it´s called but i know its from Manhatten. I really don´t feel like trying something new again, cause in the end i might be unhappy with it. So i thought as long as my inner voice is telling me to get something cheaper than MAC, i´ll get my old one.
If i feel not that bad when im back i´ll do another post and blog about the things i got and ima do a make-up look to tell you guys if the Brush works for me or not.
I gotta get ready now and i feel so worse...i don´t even feel like go shopping...that means i start gettin sick..like 4 REAL! lol
Okay time to hit the shower


PS. Im going to move out soon, so i have to look for a new apartment. So i guess im going to blog about stuff like home docoration as well.. I hope you guys don´t mind it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Fall/Winter must haves

Hey Girlies <3

I know you still waiting for a fashion post but i really don´t know what to wear currently. When i found out im pregnant i was 9 weeks pregnant and i felt so worse that i had absolutely no power to get all dolled up. Now that im fit again i don´t have clothes to show..well yeah of yourse i have clothes but most of them don´t fit anymore so i have to go shopping finally. I could have done that already but i was waiting so bad for the Fall/Winter collection. Guess what? It´s finally thereeeee...yaay. I went downtown on wednesday and i loooove the new winter clothes. I thought i show you my personal Fall/Winter must haves and what im wearing since my belly is grooowin <3

Must-have list:

1. UGGS Overknees

2. Overknees ( in black and beige)

3.  a similar pollover to this one

4. A lot of pattern tights

5. Poncho

6. a blanket ( to use it as a poncho)

So that are my Fall/Winter must-haves . I think it works perfect for a pregnant woman. I think tights gonna be my best friends this winter..I love winterdresses and i hate pregnancy pants..most of them are not that nice...at least those kinda pants i saw arround here... The Pullover is showed you guys is not exactly what i wanna have. I don´t know how to call them tho. I call them Balon Pullover cause it kinda looks like a balon..I love this look. A "balon pullover" with pattern tights and overknee boots...i think that will look pretty cute. I also saw a few favs when i checked out F21 but i´ll see what i get here before i order stuff from the internet.

What are your fashion must-haves for this fall/winter?


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guess what?

Hey Ladies,

so this post is really short and nothing about fashion. It´s actually just for those who don´t read my pregnancy blog. I went to the Doc yesterday and she tod me what it is :D

So im having a lil boy :D Yaaay, im really happy to know the gender fina cause i can start shopping :) Wooohooo im so excited