Friday, April 30, 2010

My day on the lake

Hey dolls,

I spent a wonderful day on the lake yesterday. It was so warm and i really enjoyed to spent some time with my friends..we bought a lot of tasty food and grilled it while we had some drinks.
 I took a few pics to show you how relaxed it was.

thats ma friend "Rudi" lmao

my friend "max"

grill master "andre"

My cutie "ella"

my bestieeee "Santana"  

it was a wonderful calm day..and our friend "rudi" (the swan) relaxed the whole day with us...i guess thats because we fed him with bread all the time. *lol*
I even went swimming but not that long,cause there were algas everywhere..urgh!
Wooooot! 2day its friday April 30 and everybody gonna party 2night..yaaay..
For those who don´t know that "party day" : In Germany everbody celebrates "dance into may". Most of the people go to a club or party on the street. But it isn´t just a party´s a night full of love too :) Soon as it´s dark a lot of boys either attach a "May tree" in front of their girlfriends house or give them a " May heart". Unfortunately there is a "bad tree" if people wanna wreak revenge on someone, they just fix a tree "decorated" with toilet paper or black ribbons.

                 Well thats how a "may tree" looks

and this is a pretty "may heart"
I don´t know if im gonna party 2night... I dont feel like going out 2day..but maybe ma mood changed by 2night:)
I hope yall have a great weekend..have fun and be safe!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Good morning everybody!

Soooo its a lazy sunday again and its a lovely day...its warm outside and the sun is shining..I felt lik painting ma nails again. I loved the way they looked before but i thought i wanna paint them more spring/summer like. So i tried the "105 sugar" from Emily. This time without the "Lavender" nail polish and i think it looks looks natural and very decent...

I absolutely love it.

Hope all my readers have a lovely sunday

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank God i´m a woman

Im back, im back!

Im in such a  good mood 2day. After i showed you the beauty and hair products that i bought, I went shopping with Stela...well she bought a new skirt and a bolero...believe it or not: I bought absolutely nothing. Even though i read SALE everywhere.. yap i was strong :P
We went to a park near my place to take my outfit pics...

What im wearing:
Turtleneck: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Ananas
Belt: idk where i got it..its a no name belt tho
Shoes: Accessories
Bracelets: H&M
Earrings: C&A

What yall gonn do 2night? Any plans? Me i prolly go downtown with Stela..not sure yet
..hope yall like my outfit..


Drugstore shopping pt. 2

 Hey Dolls!

Me and ma friend went downtown yesterday and we made a good bargain. We went to the 1euro shop cause they had products like Herbal Essences, Dove, Gliss Kur and Pantene Pro V for 1euro. Dont ask me why they sold them for one euro...i thought it was fake at first but then i jus bought it and it works like the normal Herbal etc. too. I compared it to my other Herbal Shampoo and i couldnt find a difference..
Well i bought som hair products and and a cellulite shower peeling..YES i said it *lol* I dont have worse cellulite or so its just that i have exactly one part on the inner thigh that i dnt like..well everybody else says im crazy but even though im makes me feel better when i use it *haha*

And we went to the nail salon too...on our way home we bought a few nail polishs and painted our nails at my friends house. I was kinda creativ yesterday so here is how i styled ma nails:

I wanted to take some outfit pics too but it didnt work out cause i was in a hurry later that im gonna do this 2day..the sun is shining and the sky is blue.. so lets see what im gonna wear later :)
Talk to you later Ladies:)


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hey Ladies,

yeeeees im back...and 2day im goin to show you my daily outfit :) yap, im good again and it felt so gooood to go out and to enjoy the sun. It was sooo warm and i just can´t wait for the summer. My friend Stela came over and we took a walk before she had to work. We felt like eating an ice but we hadn´t enought time to hit the ice cream we just went to the kiosk and bought a Magnum and a Snickers ice.
I found a beautiful place to take pictures 2day..and it was horrible,when i noticed that there were lil red bugs all over the ground...URGH! I was like "WTF!!! lets hurry please..i don´t wanna join the "bug meeting" here " Well i still took the pics there cause i really loved the place...I wore the flower dress i bought a lil while ago. Haven´t showed you how it looks yet :) I changed the look of the dress and wore it strapless day.

So this is my little sister (if yall wonderin why she´s white: she is ma half sis)
She like "i wanna take a pic with you..i wanna be on your blog too"
So here she is: Let me introduce you to my lil sis christina ;p

What im wearing: 
Flower dress: no name
Leggings: Amisu
Peeptoes: Pleasure


Friday, April 16, 2010

Online shopping!!!

Hello everybody!!

How yall doing? I hope you doing good cause its weeeeekeeeeend :) Well I dont feel so good. I dont kno why but it feels like im bout to be sick..Im gonna miss the "Looneyland" (house music party) 2night and another one of my favorite parties tomorrow... :(  MyWeekend gonna be pretty goin to visit my lil bro 2morrow but thats it. And because i feel so bad i did some online shopping *lol* I bought two jumpsuits...yaaaaaay! :D I didn´t find a jumpsuit like is showed you in the other post..but i found a jeans jumpsuit and another one called "Harem Jumpsuit" ...its lookin like those harem pants and its black... well im curious bout how it gonna look :) Cant wait to create an outfit arround the jumpsuits... :)
Another thing i wanted to tell you is that i really recommend the Garnier Skincare so says it helps against pimples and dark spots..and thats what i think:

1. pimples:  i think it really helps..The first time i used it was the day when i bought it...u peeled my face in the evening before i went to bed. And i could see and feel a difference right after i was done. The pimples weren´t that red and big anymore and the rest of my skin looked and felt really flawless. The next day when i woke up and looked in the mirror i couldn´t believe what i saw...The pimples were almost away. (I have to say that it usually takes like 3 to 5 days till my pimples are gone finally) To me its a lil magic i really recommend it if you have problems with your skin or if its like in my case: you actually dont have problems with it and you broke out for some reason.

2. dark spots: you guys might think im crazy but i really tell you the truth. Even though i just use it 2 days i see a lil difference already..i had like 3 super dark spots over my eyebrow and they are not that dark anymore. Even my mom said this morning that my face looks way better. Im still curious tho cause it says the dark spots will be totally gone..and i personally do NOT believe that a 100%. But who knows!? Maybe im wrong and it works really that good...cause if i can see a difference after 2 days it might get better day by day and they might be totally gone when the tube is empty. I´ll keep you up to date :)

Sooooo all in all i really recommend Garnier Skin clear activ (thats how its called in germany). Im really happy so far :)
Okay im goin to put my lil sister to bed now..I hope all my readers have a great friday:) and to all those who goin to a club 2night: drink a few shots for me :p


ps. i kno its bout time to post a daily outfit...i hope im feelin better 2morrow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pretty Nails

Im baaaaaaack,

and i finally got my nails done. I think it looks sooooo prettyyyy...even though its super barbie like. Please don´t get me wrong...i don´t wanna be one of those "barbies". Im definitely not into that "barbie hype". It´s really just the colour but anyways see for yourself :)

I used both colours, but the "105 sugar" is just a soft shining rose..and you don´t see it on the pic... for some reason the pics were so blurry...sorry for that =/ hope you still like it =)

Have a great day or good night (wherever you are)

Drugstore shopping!

Hey everyoneeee!

I took a walk with my friend 2day and i went to the drugstore just to see what they got.. <-- ok i guess everbody knows that i wouldn´t leave the store without some new lil things *lol*  Well anyways..I found cute nail polish and i bought a peeling from Garnier. I just tried to find out how they call it in English but i couldnt find the name of the edition..Anyways its against pimpels and dark spots/scars in your gonna try that because i have a few dark spots too. Its not thaaaaat bad but i still would be happier if they were away :)

the left one is called "109 lavender" and the right one "105 sugar"

I think im goin to combine those 2 colours and see how it looks. Im goin to update the blog in a little while and show u the result.
Talk to you in a lil bit...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend :)

Hey Ladies!

I hope yall had a nice weekend..Me, i did nothing special..I stayed at home on friday cause i was soooo tried and didnt really feel like goin out. Saturday i went to my neighbor girl and spent some time with her and a coupl of friends. Well today is Sunday and im lazy AGAIN! lol What else? It´s sunday so dont judge me ;)
I took a few pics of my outfit yesterday..I know it´s about time :)

excuse my face but i was kinda stressed*lol

What im wearing:
Turtleneck: H&M
Dress: Tally Weijl
Belt: Tally Weijl
Shoes: No Name

Wish you a lovely sunday :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainy days :(

Hey dolls,

i kno im latteeeee..and im sorryyyy but i was busy...good news:  2day i finna get some time to post something.. Bad news: it wont be an outfit post because its rainy 2day and i dnt feel like going im chillin at home with ma sweat pants on. Im kinda sad that the weather changed AGAIN! it was so sunny and warm the last days...smh..well i use the day to go on with ma search for a jumpsuit..when i went to cologne i saw a lovely jumpsuit but i ddnt buy it cause it was pretty expensiv..i was like " well just buy another cheaper one" and whats now? i cant find a similar jumpsuit :( i want a simple one but in another colour than black because i really wear black wayyyyy to much...i want it in beige our sumtin like dat. I hope i can find one cause i want it soooo baaaad *lol*
I painted my nails 2day...the P2 nailpolish is called "247 glory" and its an olive green...i really love it.

so this is a jumpsuit i def love but the problem is: its black again! thats why i wont buy it....I´d be so thankful if you could gimme any suggestions where i could get a similar one jus in a "spring colour"? I prolly gonna order it online so if you have any online shops for me LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!! ;) 


Ps: I´m from germany so pls pay attention on their shipping possibilities. Thanks in advance :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello everybody,

first of all: Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)
Well we went out last night to celebrate my friends bday...she turned 22. We went to a lil reastaurant for dinner and to the club afterwards...The food was so delicious...Yummy!!! :)

LMFAO!!! thats my "Tequila face" 

I dont have all pics of the evening more pics soon :)