Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainy days :(

Hey dolls,

i kno im latteeeee..and im sorryyyy but i was busy...good news:  2day i finna get some time to post something.. Bad news: it wont be an outfit post because its rainy 2day and i dnt feel like going im chillin at home with ma sweat pants on. Im kinda sad that the weather changed AGAIN! it was so sunny and warm the last days...smh..well i use the day to go on with ma search for a jumpsuit..when i went to cologne i saw a lovely jumpsuit but i ddnt buy it cause it was pretty expensiv..i was like " well just buy another cheaper one" and whats now? i cant find a similar jumpsuit :( i want a simple one but in another colour than black because i really wear black wayyyyy to much...i want it in beige our sumtin like dat. I hope i can find one cause i want it soooo baaaad *lol*
I painted my nails 2day...the P2 nailpolish is called "247 glory" and its an olive green...i really love it.

so this is a jumpsuit i def love but the problem is: its black again! thats why i wont buy it....I´d be so thankful if you could gimme any suggestions where i could get a similar one jus in a "spring colour"? I prolly gonna order it online so if you have any online shops for me LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!! ;) 


Ps: I´m from germany so pls pay attention on their shipping possibilities. Thanks in advance :)


  1. ...lovely, lovely blog!

    stop by whenever!


  2. cute nail polish!!