Friday, April 16, 2010

Online shopping!!!

Hello everybody!!

How yall doing? I hope you doing good cause its weeeeekeeeeend :) Well I dont feel so good. I dont kno why but it feels like im bout to be sick..Im gonna miss the "Looneyland" (house music party) 2night and another one of my favorite parties tomorrow... :(  MyWeekend gonna be pretty goin to visit my lil bro 2morrow but thats it. And because i feel so bad i did some online shopping *lol* I bought two jumpsuits...yaaaaaay! :D I didn´t find a jumpsuit like is showed you in the other post..but i found a jeans jumpsuit and another one called "Harem Jumpsuit" ...its lookin like those harem pants and its black... well im curious bout how it gonna look :) Cant wait to create an outfit arround the jumpsuits... :)
Another thing i wanted to tell you is that i really recommend the Garnier Skincare so says it helps against pimples and dark spots..and thats what i think:

1. pimples:  i think it really helps..The first time i used it was the day when i bought it...u peeled my face in the evening before i went to bed. And i could see and feel a difference right after i was done. The pimples weren´t that red and big anymore and the rest of my skin looked and felt really flawless. The next day when i woke up and looked in the mirror i couldn´t believe what i saw...The pimples were almost away. (I have to say that it usually takes like 3 to 5 days till my pimples are gone finally) To me its a lil magic i really recommend it if you have problems with your skin or if its like in my case: you actually dont have problems with it and you broke out for some reason.

2. dark spots: you guys might think im crazy but i really tell you the truth. Even though i just use it 2 days i see a lil difference already..i had like 3 super dark spots over my eyebrow and they are not that dark anymore. Even my mom said this morning that my face looks way better. Im still curious tho cause it says the dark spots will be totally gone..and i personally do NOT believe that a 100%. But who knows!? Maybe im wrong and it works really that good...cause if i can see a difference after 2 days it might get better day by day and they might be totally gone when the tube is empty. I´ll keep you up to date :)

Sooooo all in all i really recommend Garnier Skin clear activ (thats how its called in germany). Im really happy so far :)
Okay im goin to put my lil sister to bed now..I hope all my readers have a great friday:) and to all those who goin to a club 2night: drink a few shots for me :p


ps. i kno its bout time to post a daily outfit...i hope im feelin better 2morrow.

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