Friday, April 30, 2010

My day on the lake

Hey dolls,

I spent a wonderful day on the lake yesterday. It was so warm and i really enjoyed to spent some time with my friends..we bought a lot of tasty food and grilled it while we had some drinks.
 I took a few pics to show you how relaxed it was.

thats ma friend "Rudi" lmao

my friend "max"

grill master "andre"

My cutie "ella"

my bestieeee "Santana"  

it was a wonderful calm day..and our friend "rudi" (the swan) relaxed the whole day with us...i guess thats because we fed him with bread all the time. *lol*
I even went swimming but not that long,cause there were algas everywhere..urgh!
Wooooot! 2day its friday April 30 and everybody gonna party 2night..yaaay..
For those who don´t know that "party day" : In Germany everbody celebrates "dance into may". Most of the people go to a club or party on the street. But it isn´t just a party´s a night full of love too :) Soon as it´s dark a lot of boys either attach a "May tree" in front of their girlfriends house or give them a " May heart". Unfortunately there is a "bad tree" if people wanna wreak revenge on someone, they just fix a tree "decorated" with toilet paper or black ribbons.

                 Well thats how a "may tree" looks

and this is a pretty "may heart"
I don´t know if im gonna party 2night... I dont feel like going out 2day..but maybe ma mood changed by 2night:)
I hope yall have a great weekend..have fun and be safe!


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