Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hey Ladies,

yeeeees im back...and 2day im goin to show you my daily outfit :) yap, im good again and it felt so gooood to go out and to enjoy the sun. It was sooo warm and i just can´t wait for the summer. My friend Stela came over and we took a walk before she had to work. We felt like eating an ice but we hadn´t enought time to hit the ice cream we just went to the kiosk and bought a Magnum and a Snickers ice.
I found a beautiful place to take pictures 2day..and it was horrible,when i noticed that there were lil red bugs all over the ground...URGH! I was like "WTF!!! lets hurry please..i don´t wanna join the "bug meeting" here " Well i still took the pics there cause i really loved the place...I wore the flower dress i bought a lil while ago. Haven´t showed you how it looks yet :) I changed the look of the dress and wore it strapless day.

So this is my little sister (if yall wonderin why she´s white: she is ma half sis)
She like "i wanna take a pic with you..i wanna be on your blog too"
So here she is: Let me introduce you to my lil sis christina ;p

What im wearing: 
Flower dress: no name
Leggings: Amisu
Peeptoes: Pleasure


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