Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey Ladies,

its me again :) so im kinda bored right now and i thought i just search for a few things that  wanna buy when i get paid *lol* I found this pretty gold watch.. I WANNA HAVE IT! no matter what!
Another thing are Heels...i definitely need new heels..i guess im going to buy heels from I just love the shoes there.
 I just felt like showing you this cute watch :)


Hey Dolls,

i hope yall had a nice weekend :) I went to a Barbeque on friday and to a graduation ball on saturday. The bad thing is i forgot my cam and thats why i took no pics of my outfit :( Well and friday i took my cam with me but i was so hungry that i forgot to take pics of the food...OMG that sounds so damn greedy *lol* when i was done with eating i was like " hell nah i wanted to take sum pics of the food" but i took at least a few pics of those beautiful roses and of my new flip flops ( i actually dont wear flip flops but they look so cute..i just had to buy them )

I think they looking so damn cute :D


Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey Ladies! 

Guess what??? YESSSS i got the job :D im so going to work behind the bar..i need to learn all the cocktails now :O but i think its gonna be so much fun :) And especially thanks to MING cause she wished me luck, i guess it worked :) i have to start on tuesday next week so im going to enjoy my last free days :)
2day im invited to a Barbeque evening.. i cant wait to eat all this tasty stuff :) i might take sum pics since im fina done with this jobhunting stuff :)

Talk to you later Ladies :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Im late

Hey Dolls,

i hope yall doing fine... im really sorry that i havent posted anything yet but im really busy with job hunting right now. Well i had a job interview in a bar called "Sausalitos" yesterday and the Boss told me to come again 2day, so he can explain me a few things about the job. Im pretty confident that im going to get the job.
About "Sausalitos" :

The name "Sausalitos" comes from the borough "Sausalito"  in San Francisco. It usually involves 4 parts: a bar, a bistro, a restaurant and a terrace. There are parties too sometimes..
On the menu are dainty dishes like Burritos, Fajitas, Tacos or Quesadillas. On top of that they offer different Burger and seasonal dishes.

Ok im goin to tell you guys the latest news when im back :)
I prolly gonna post a few outfit pics too


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sexy back

Hey Beauties!!

So thats what im wearing 2day :) To be honest i have this top since like 4 years but i wear it the second time now. When i was younger i always thought "i cant wear looks weird if i dont wear a bra. But it looks horrible with bra too..because of the back part" but i really dont care now. I think it looks good and i can go without bra too ;)

I hope you guys like my outfit


What im wearing:
Leggings: Amizu
Top: No Name
Shoes: No Name

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beautiful view

Hey Girls,

yesterday i went to the lake with a couple of friends...and i took a few pics of my outfit.. i bought this dress like super long ago and it was about time to wear it finally. Unfortunately my comp still doesnt work but i just NEED to update my blog. So i just do it from my neighbours place. i hope yall like the pics :)
Santana and me going to try a new hairlook in a lil while and if it looks good im going to blog another outfit and hairlook post later :)

What im wearing:
Dress: A small shop in Cologne..i forgot the name :S
Shoes: New Yorker


Monday, June 7, 2010

oh nooo!!

hey ladies!

i cant blog at the comp is makin trouble...but they gonna fix it in 2 days..i cant wait to blog something. Im so sorry :(
hope yall have a great day

xox valerie

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beauty products

Hey Girls!

I went drugstore shoppring and bought a few new things :)

I love the "Herbal essences Beautiful ends" hairbalm..

I just wanted to show you what i going to get me something to eat wild hungry...time for breakfast :) YUMMMY!!
Hope yall hav a wonderful day