Thursday, June 24, 2010

Im late

Hey Dolls,

i hope yall doing fine... im really sorry that i havent posted anything yet but im really busy with job hunting right now. Well i had a job interview in a bar called "Sausalitos" yesterday and the Boss told me to come again 2day, so he can explain me a few things about the job. Im pretty confident that im going to get the job.
About "Sausalitos" :

The name "Sausalitos" comes from the borough "Sausalito"  in San Francisco. It usually involves 4 parts: a bar, a bistro, a restaurant and a terrace. There are parties too sometimes..
On the menu are dainty dishes like Burritos, Fajitas, Tacos or Quesadillas. On top of that they offer different Burger and seasonal dishes.

Ok im goin to tell you guys the latest news when im back :)
I prolly gonna post a few outfit pics too


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