Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls talk and Beauty Nights

Hey Hey,

after long time i finna spent an evening with ma friend Stela again. We drank a cocktail at her place and after talkin and talkin we started to paint our nails. It felt good to chill with her and we really talked bout god and the world. I wore the heels, my mom gave me ,for the first time yesterday. So i took pics of my outfit too. Its nothing special..just a daily outfit :) Enjoy...

I was so confused and it took me like 30 min to figure out which colour i want *lol

And the winner was the Manhatten Nail polish..
I couldnt find the name tho, to me it looks like "greige glitter"

What im wearing:
Turlteneck: H&M
Top: Tally Weijl
Leggings: Amisu
Shoes: No Name
Ring: Bijou Brigitte

Enjoy your day :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Night

Hey there,

I went out 2night and it was so bad that im already back home.. :(
My friends and me were looking forward to this party since like forever and it was so disappointing! I sure wont go to this spring party again...Well i bought a new dress 2day...( yes jus for the party 0_o ) i hope u gonna like it cause i def love it :)

What im wearing:
Dress: Ann Christine
Ring: Bijou Brigitte
Bracelet: Wicky
Idk where i got this Bolero tho...


Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you ♥♥

Hey Ladies!
I just wanna say thank you for following my blog and for all the comments !!!
I really appreciate it and you guys put a big smile on ma face everytime i see a new comment or a new follower! 
I hope you enjoy the journey through ma closet and life!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunny Days ☀

Hello Hello :)

I just came back home..went to the park with my ladiesss..we relaxed a lil bit and enjoyed the wonderful weather. I took a few pics of my daily outfit and i finna wore my cork shoes again.I love them..they are so comfortable. :)

What im wearing:
Pullover: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Ananas
Shoes: Ananas
Shades: St. Tropez
RIng, Earrings: Bijou Brigitte


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Hey Beauties!

Yes, i am alive *lol* 2day was a wonderful sky and the sun was was sooooo warm..i feel like the summer´s knocking on the door.
Ma friend Santana and me just took an evening walk and ate an ice. I really enjoyed this cool breeze. I took a few pics of ma outfit, cause i promised to take some pics when i  wear ma gladiator heels again. Well today is the day ;) ( i even wore ma nerd glasses...havent showed you how it looks yet.)

What i´m wearing:
Babydoll: New Yorker
Leggings: Amisu
Heels: Deichmann
Nerd glasses: American Stock


Monday, March 22, 2010

Shoppingfever Pt. 2

Hey Girls,

ok here are finna the other pics of my flower dress and the shoes ;) im so in love with my new things *lmao

I think it´s soooo cute

Unfortunately no outfit pic :(

ahhh can´t wait to wear them

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

Santana and me baked 2day... a friend turned 21 yesterday and this is what we gave him. It was a cute idea... we baked a cake with a big "21" on it and lil cookies with letters on it. It said "Happy are THE man" =) Beside this we gve him a gift coupon for a New Era cap. He´s in love with them *lol*

YUMMMMMYYY chocolate cake...

...and Vanilla cookies


Hey dolls,

I went shopping on Wednesday and Thursday. Me and my Brother were in Cologne and i got three lovely dresses. And when i came back home my mom gave me a suprise and it was a new pair of shoes...omg they looking soooo nice...Unfortunately i didn´t had the chance to take pics of all my new things but im gonna show you two of my dresses at least..i sure gonna post pics of them other things too..

I love my new dresses! how do you like them? Did you get sumthing new?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project: Water

Good afternoon ladies!

Since my skin got worse the last weeks i had to do something. I watched like a million videos and read so several blogs about skin care. Actually i don´t have problems with my skin so i was kinda desperate.
I guess the problem was that i used everyday another moisturizer and i drank a lot of juice and sodas...i stoped that 2 days ago and now i just drink water and tea. I never expect that it would work soooo goood... Believe it or not: i had like 4 BIG pimples and they are almost healed(actually it would take like 5days to a week) . I did nothing but drinkin alot of water and using the same moisturizer every day. I´m still not that comfortable with the works good but i have neurodermatitis and im scared that it could brake out again when i use it for a considerable time. I prefer to use Bepanthol face moisturizer without any perfumes or oils.
Anyways i just wanted to tell you guys about the "water thing" and i keep you updated how it´s going =)
And OMG!! i cant wait...2morrow is shopping day :) I cant wait to show you what i get...


Monday, March 15, 2010

Another lazy Sunday

I feel guilty...

I´m so sorry that it took me so long to give you guys a lifesign... But my weekend was pretty boring and I did nothing but chilling in my bed, cleaning up and spending time with my mom and sis.
Well remember when i said im going out on friday? It was definitely a dead loss... We arrived at the club and it was packed. People there were going crazy...they were so drunk that they were jumping arround like crazy and they just didn´t care if they hit other people or not. I was so pissed that i went home after 45min. *lmao*
Back home i was like "daaamn you didn´t even take a picture of the outfit..." And why? Because i couldn´t get my cam on friday...I had to take care of my lil sis and she´s still sick so it was better to stay at home with her...So sorry again :-/
Soooo 2day is Sunday and it´s my personal " be lazy " day... The only thing i did 2day was cleaning up and visiting my neighbor Santana. She got a new header for her blog and i changed my blog layout too..I don´t know why but i didn´t like the way it looked before.. how do you like the new look?
So i took a pic of my "lazy sunday" outfit tooo... It´s so comfortable..just my "chill look". My mom got me the pullover and i really like it. :)

I know i´m looking like "wtf" but it´s just sunday..

What i´m wearing:
Pullover: Be cool
Leggings: Amisu
Boots: UGGS

Well 2morrow i get my cam finna...i really can´t wait no more... I´m tired and need my sleep..Be back 2morrow...


Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey everybody!
OMG im soooo happy!! I got a message today and guess what it was?????  i can pick up my cam  finna!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!! im so goin to get it back 2mrrw. Now i have to get ready for the club... outfit pics laterrrrr


How I take care of my hair

Hey Ladies !

It´s me again and 2night (12.58pm in Germany) im going to show you which products i use to take care of my hair.
I have naturally curly hair and most of the time it´s making me crazy. That´s why i wear it straight most of the time. I think it´s just easier to style and to create different looks when its straight.  I don´t straight my hair with Relaxers i just do it with an Iron flat. I use the "Tondeo- Eco Cerion Plus" and it really makes a hugggeee difference.
Here the difference:

So I guess you can see it for´s really great and the pic doesn´t even show it a 100%.
Anyways the iron flat may be better for the hair than a relaxer but it still stresses the hair quite a lot. To keep my hair healthy i use the Herbal Essences - Seductively Straight and Herbal Essences - Beautiful Ends Collection. I use them in turns and it works pretty good.
So when i get out of the shower i do not use a hairdryer cause that makes the hair extra dry and frizzy. My hair drys super fast anyways so it´s not really a problem for me.
Ok when my hair dried i spray  Douglas HAIR Hot&Safe Heat Protection Spray  by Douglas all over it and scrunch it a lil bit.

The last step is straighten my hair finally and i really tell you: if you straighten your hair several times a week it´s hugely important to use a Heat Protection Spray. I know this from experience cause i just started to use it like one or two years ago. And i remember how my ends were super broke and i had to cut off like 10cm or something. I was
Another Tip which i got from my favorite Blogger Dulce Candy is to put the Conditioner just in your ends because the hair has naturally oils. So the day before you wash your hair, if you don´t wash it everyday, you just brush it and spread the natural oils through your hair.

So if i wanna wear my hair curly i use different products and a different method to get tight ringlets. For that i use the Herbal Essences - It´s a curl thing  Collection. When i get out of the shower i brush them and put some Schwarzkopf Got2be Curl mouse in it. Honestly I don´t know if they have it in States too if not so just use a Curl mouse which is good for you. Well thats actually all i do... I don´t use a hairdryer and let them dry by the air.
Soooo....i hope i helped some of my ladies with curly hair a lil bit :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My daily Outfit

Hey Beauties!

At long last, im going to post my daily outfit. Me and Santana went downtown 2day and visited her mom. It was pretty cold outside but still a wonderful day. Here is what i wore :)

What im wearing:
Pullover: H&M
Jeans: Ananas
Shoes: No Name
Jacket: Be cool


The glitz and glamour on the red carpet at the Oscars

And the Oscar goes to...???

Last night was the Osar Night. It´s the most glamorous night in Hollywood and the best place to walk the Red Carpet in style. The stars know they have to "bring it" on this night and some did not disappoint. So let´s see what Celebrities wore for this special night.

The Winners:

Cameron Diaz looking like a Princess! Perfect

Elizabeth Banks in Versace

Miley Cyrus

Demi Moore looks always fabolous to me

Jennifer Lopez

Rachel McAdams

Anika Noni Rose ( i would kill for this dress :p)

The Fails:

  Sarah Jessica Parker ( the dress just didnt convince me)

Charlize Theron (Rosettes on the boobs? oh well)

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
Her styling? FAIL!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday Night Pt. 2

Hey there,

I got the party pictures finally...but there isn´t a pic of ma whole outfit :( well at least a few random pics..


party queens!


 Santana &and me ( i dnt kno wut happened to ma hair lol )


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday Night

Hey girls,

Santana and me went out last night and i wore my new shoes for the first time. They were so really suprised me. I combined it with black leather leggings and a black top. Simple but it was unplanned that we go to the club,so i didn´t feel like spending "years" with choosing an outfit. We took a few pictures and if im lucky there might be a picture of my not sure though.
I feel soooo bad. It´s so annoying without my cam. It freaks me out.
If you are wondering why I didn´t take a picture of my outfit before i left: my friend was about to take a pic when the taxi arrived. So we were in a hurry and when we were in the club i just forgot about it :-/
Shame on me i kno! :(
Well i´m going to upload some photos 2morrow when i had a chance to get the pics.
I´m tired...last night was crazy and im so exhausted that im goin to stay at home 2night..I guess ill go to bed right after this

Good night

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let´s face it!!! I´m addicted to shoes

Gooood News!

Well since the weather is a lil bit warmer i´m feeling the desire to buy sooooooo many clothes and especially shoes for spring and summer...When i woke up this morning, i felt like buying me a new pair of high heels. I went to town and found nice gladiator high heels. I saw them, fell in love with them and bought them *lol*
They aren´t that high (4 1/4 inches) to me but i think they looking still sexy and they are just sooo comfortable..woow :)
 I took a picture of the shoe so you guys can look for yourself..

Aren´t they lovely?

Well i just have to figure out with what im going to wear my new babies..*lol* 
I might post some pics of the complete outfit later..but i guess u have to wait till 2morrow...
Okay im going to check my wardrobe now ;)
Valerie ♥

Urgh! ٩͡๏̯͡๏۶

I´m in a rush...

I just brought my cam to the store yesterday and im already suffering... I WANT MY CAM BACK!!! :( *sulks
I feel like taking pics of so many things every day and i just can´t...its annoying! lol
Anyways, 2.48am in Germany and im pretty tired..just felt like sharing my thoughts...

Good night, sleep tight, don´t let the bedbugs bite ;)
Valerie εϊз

Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy Monday Pt. 2

Hey there,
im back again! Well i just came back home and guess what? I´m a lucky girl and they took my cam back even without the sales slip..YAAAAAY!!! I have to wait pretty long though, they said it takes 10-12 days till i get it back...why does it take so long?? :(
Anyways I took a few pictures of my outfit have a look :)



Santana and me

What im wearing:
Poncho: New Yorker
Bag: No Name
Wool dress: H&M
Earrings: Bijou Brigitte
Bracelets: H&M

Valerie ♥