Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday night

Welcome back !!

Soooooo here i am again. Im at my neighbors place right now and we chillin with a couple of friends and drinking something. I fina wear the Jumpsuit 2day and i thought i take a few pics for you. I havent showed you an outfit in like foreeeeeverrrrr.. :) and i apologize ladiesssss...
That arent the best pics but better than nothing i guess...

What im wearing:
Jumpsuit: OTTO
Shoes: La Ella
Jewelry: H&M


Friday, May 28, 2010

humpty-dumpty ;)

Hey Beauties!

Well 2day im going to blog about something totally different than fashion.. Im going to tell you my story about weight loss 2day. If some of you wondering talkin so such a sweety (check out her story here) on twitter and she trying to lose weight..and i told her that i totally understand her in what she feels cause i was in the same situation. So it was her idea to share my story with you...i actually thought it was a great idea and it may help other girls too :)
So this is my storie:

When i was young i was always kinda skinny...that was over when i was like 15 years old. At this time i had a weird spell...i always wore those terry cloth jumpsuits in like every colour you can imagine..I actually think now thants the reason why i didn´t even realise that i gained more&more&more weight...cause a jumpsuit fits matter if you gained 2lbs or 6lbs..the jumpsuit still fits.
Anyways.. it was summer and i chilled with friends and with increased regularity i got questions like " damn what happened to your tummy? you prego?" or like " ohhh val its not that you look ugly but you gained weight, beautiful like dat tho" And i started wonderin... I remember exactly how i went home that day and tried on my Jeans and skirts i had at that time and it was like  BOOOOM!!!! All out of the sudden they were super small and they didn´t fit at all. I was scared to weight myself..i was scared to see what the display would show me. I thought okay ask your mom...i was like "mom did i gain a lot of weight?" she was like " to be honest yes but dnt worry you gonna lose it again...i had this period too" I thought "oh no" and i just went to the bathroom to weight myself... 149 Ibs!!!! I had 11lbs before and im 5´ you guys can imagine how i looked. I had a shock and decided to lose all those weight and to get my 110lbs again.
So my "losing weight secret" is: I went to the gym...6 days a week for like 1 1/2 to 3 hrs. I didn´t even diet like other ppl do..I just tried to eat healthy..that means no chocolate for lunch and pizza as a late night snack. I also stopped drinkin sodas..I drank only water for some time.
Some of you prolly think i just lost this weight because of what ppl said but NO i lost it cause i wanted to be healthy  and to live as long as its possible...And i just think the best time to lose weight is when you are have the most power and ambition. People called me beautiful and gorgeos even though i was a lil fatty and they asked me why i wanna lose my weight again..i always heard things like " i like my girl thick" well thats nice for you but i don´t really care cause i wanna be healthy. No body says you are ugly when you are fat or can still be beautiful. But personally i didn´t think about beeing beautiful, i thought about beeing healthy.
After 6 month training i lost all my weight again and i had my 110lbs back. :D I was almost 17 at this time..
My exboyfriend broke up when i was 18 (we were together since i was 16) and i was so depressed...i started eatin no matter what time it was... after 3 month eating and crying i was back on my 132lbs. And i felt uncomfy again. This time i just controlled what im eating and when im eating and did lil workouts. I got like 121lbs and im super good. I wanna stay like that. I feel great =) i feel healthy and comfy in my own skin now.
And to all those who wanna lose weight, DO IT!


 So unfortunately i dind´t take this many pics when i was thick but i found one where you can see what happened to my tummy

please look at my tummy ( im the one on black for those who dont kno lol)
this was when my x broke was the first day i went out after 3 month eating and crying
i just took this pic for dont look at this horrible pants im in my PJ´s lol
so thats my tummy now

I hope this could help some of you and if you guys have any questions just ask away.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

rain rain rain... :(

Hey Ladies,

if yall wonderin why i don´t blog outfit posts im telling you´s raining like crazy the last days..i don´t even wanna do my hair or do my make-up cause it´s not worth it. 2 minutes outside and it would ruin my whole look. I feel kinda sad about it cause i wanna do an outfit post so bad. Well the only things i did the last days was painting my nails in lovely spring colours.. I took at least pics of that.

I so looooove those colours

Right now im sitting here and enjoying my morning coffee.. I see the sun shining behind them big clouds but i doubt i can catch a few sunbeams. :( Soon as it stops raining im going to take some outfit pics..


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey Dolls,

so yesterday was the Championsleague final and Germany went crazy...People everywhere..and everybody went outside to watch the soccer game in lil bars or something like that. So i did the same and my friends and me chilled a lil bit downtown. I drank a Cocktail (Tequila Sunrise <3 ) and enjoyed the cool evening breeze. Ella gave me a dress because it didn´t fit her. I think it looks so cute and i cant wait to create an outfit arround the dress :D


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hey Ladies!

Before i go to work 2day i blog a lil post about a giveaway i would love to get...and im sure you would love it too :) For more informations click here ! This link gonna lead you straight to the Giveway Blogpost. You can see a picture of what you would get in my blog roll too.
Okay im in a hurry now...i need to go in like an hour and im still not ready at all...*lol*

Good luck

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hey Cuties,

i got a suprise from a friend a couple of days ago and i felt like showing you what i got. He got a pic of me and drew me...i think he did an awesome so in love with it. :)


Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey Ladies,

Im still alive...and im so super sorry that it took me so long to update my blog. But i had a bad bad baaaad time and i didn´t feel like doing anything. I didn´t even dress up :O But thats over now and im good again :) And im back with a new outfit post. To feel better i went shopping and bought a new skirt and new shoes. We also went out at the weekend and i had a lot of fun. Im glad cause i really needed to take my mind of things...

So this is my new skirt...its so lovely..

new heels and i absolutely love them..

thats the final look :)

What im wearing:
Skirt: Amizu
Top: H&amp
Shoes: La Ella
Bracelets: H&M

Hope you like my outfit,let me know what you think:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yaaaay, I got it!!

Hey Beauties,

guess what? Yeees, i got my jumpsuit finally. OMG i was so curious when my mom texted me like " Val come  home! The jumpsuits just arrived :) " Well i went back home and tried it on. The Jeans jumpsuit fits me perfectly but mom bought a Harem jumpsuit and she says she wanna get it a size smaller.. I tried on her jumpsuit  and it kinda looked like a maxi dress...i always thought "no val you are way to short to wear a maxi dress" but i like how it looked. So i guess my "next baby" gonna be a maxi dress or something similar. So i havent created an outfit arround the jumpsuit yet but im gonna do that soon. 2day is a rainy day and lazy sunday on top..thats why i don´t feel like going out and takin pics in the rain..I just felt like telling you guys the latest news :)

Im back with an outfit post soon...promiseee! ;)