Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashion Trend Fall 2011

I know some if yall be like "whats wrong with her? summer is not even over yet!" but in germany the weather is more than bad. So, i already think about what im going to wear in fall ,this year. I found out, that fur is going to be a huge trend this fall and i have to say IM SOOOO INTO IT! Im NOT talking about real fur tho...i only wear fake fur.
I already have a jacket made out of fake fur and i loooove it. Its such a diva style to me. DRAMA, DRAMA,
DRAMA :) Here are a couple of styles that i love.

( source: )

 ( source:

( souce: )

(source: )

Are you gonna wear fur fahionitems too this fall/winter? What are your "MUST- haves" for fall/winter ?


Friday, July 29, 2011

Get your sexy on!

Hey Dolls,

this is my outfitpost for you guys!

( blazer: ZARA, Turtleneckdress: Tally Weijl, Tights: H&M, Shoes: ASOS )

I hope you like it <3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

So red

Hey Beauties!

Im so lazy today and the weather is so bad....its cloudy but warm. It just started to rain *smh* I feel like the summer never comes back -_-
Here is my Outfit of the day!

(Leggings: Amizu, Tubetop: H&M, Shoes:, Bag: I have no clue :S )

 Love you guyssss!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pour some sugar on me

Hey Dolls!

Another Outfitpost for you guys!

(Blouse: H&M, Pants: No Name, Shoes: TangoShoes, Belt: H&M, Ring: Claire´s, Clutch: Vintage)


Monday, July 18, 2011

There´s always a better day!

Hey Beauties!

Since i felt super bad the last couple of days, im glad to tell you that im finally good again :) I have no clue what was wrong but i felt exhausted and tired all the time. I started my day reaaally early 2day and i also have an outfit of the day for you!

( Shirt: H&M, Jeggings: H&M, Belt: No Name, Shoes: Tango Shoes)

I hope you guys like it :)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Subscribe or die!

Hey Beauties!

This post wont be about Make-Up or Beauty..Today im going to write about my favorite Blogger and Youtubers. When i started blogging i got a lot of inspiration by those people. I still get inspiration by them. It helped me a lot, that´s why i think i should share my Favs with you. Im going to start with my fav bloggers.

Dulce is my all time favorite. Her blog was the first one i started to read. I couldn´t wait to get home when i knew there was a new post up. She shares her passion for fashion and Make Up on her blog and on youtube as well.  
I recently read a lot of bad things about her but i dont care, if its true or not. I dont know her personally and i judge her by what she does when it´s about her blog/youtube channel. I think people should care less about her finances or her life behind the blog. She´s inspiring and she works for what she wants. 
Another reason why im kinda addicted to her blog is her passion for shoes. Im totally obsessed with high heels and i love her shoes collection. She recently became mommy and so did I. She also shows me, that i still can get what i want, even though i have a baby. I hope she goes on with her great work.

I absolutely looooove her style. She´s actually on the same level as Dulce, but i chose Dulce as the number one, cause her blog was the first one i read. Anyways, i think she is sooo beautiful and she looks just different than most of the girls out there. I love her haircut and she looks kinda mysterious to me. In a good way tho. I absolutely love her shoes and her handbags. She´s very inspiring as well and i´d absolutely love to meet her one day. So if there´s ever a meet and great, let me know :)

Even though i dont read her blog for so long, she became one of my favs. She made it under the top 3. I love her style and even if there is an Outfit that i wouldnt wear, i still can find single pieces that i adore. She has also a kid and that´s why i love her even more. Another mom who is not all day at home and looking all bad. 
BUT she gotta share her place with:

I dont read her blog that long but i think there is not even one outfit i wouldnt wear so far.
Love her shoes and her style in gerneral..I get a lot of innspiration by her as well. You should definitely check her blog out.

Now to  my fav youtubers. Here we start with my number one!

She became my number one youtuber. She is SOOOOO funny and i love that she keeps it real. Some gurus act like they are sooo honest with their readers but if you read between the lines you know it´s a lie. Not Andrea...she says how it is and she´s not actin like the "good girl next door". Besides that she has great Make Up advices and Hair looks. Plus she´s stunning. I think if i´d live close to her and we would get to know each other, we´d have a great and funny time. I love her and if you don´t check out her channel, you really miss something. 

I totally love her Make-Up channel and she deserves the first place as well actually but Andrea is just so much fun thats why she´s my number one. If you´re a make-up beginner then you should really watch her channel. I think her tutorials are pretty easy  and she explains everything step by step. I love her tips and looks and i really don´t wanna miss her channel. She´s definitely one of the reasons why i wanna start my own make up channel. 

Also known as Blanca. I used to watch every video of her and her beautiful family untill i thought she wouldnt update her channel/ blog anymore. I just saw that she kept uploading videos on her channel and i sure as hell gonna watch her videos again. She has such a lovely family and she seems to be such a good mom. If you wanna get good beauty advices AND wanna see a picture-perfect family then GO and watch her and her cute lil family. 

I recently started to watch her channel and i love it. She seems to be down to earth and she´s so pretty. I love the looks she creats and her hair tutorials. I´d def recommend to give her a try. 
She recenty did a video on how to transform a xxl men shirt in a super cute top...if it was a lil bit longer you could even wear it as a dress. Totally inspiring!

Now that im done with all the Beauty gurus, im going to introduce you to the funniest guy ever. If you feel sad, bored, down, depressed or if your boy just broke up with you, get comfortable and your favorite drink and watch the one and only:

I wish i could fly to NY for one day, just to hang out with him. He is so funny and he talks about random things. You get advices on "How to clean up your facebook friend list" as well. I seriously love this man. He makes me smile no matter what. I use to watch one of his videos before i go to bed. So i go with a smile on my face to bed and i forget about all this bad stuff out there. 
I think there is only one thing i can say about his channel:


A few days ago...

Hey Dolls,

this is Make Up of the day post. I wore this a few days ago.

What i used: 

E.L.F. Face primer
MAC Studio Fix Foundation 
Essence Sun Club Bronzer und Highlighter Powder
Costal Scents 88 warm palette
L´Oréal Million Lashes Volume Mascara
E.L.F. Dramatic false Lashes
E.L.F Highshine Lipgloss (Bubblegum)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Make-Up Haul

Hey Dolls!

Since i cant post any Outfits (the weather is going all crazy) i thought about showing you what recently got. I ordered some Make Up from Cherry Cultur a few weeks ago. They had 20%-50% discount on some products, so i got me a lil bit new stuff.

I read about a few products on beautylish and decided to try them since they were on sale! I think i am going to do a huge review post on all of these products and swatch them for you. 

This is what i got:

First Picture:
NYX High Definition Eyeshadow Base
Essence Sun Club Highlighter Powder
Sleek Pan Tao Blush (Limited Edition)
M.A.C. Pro Longwear Foundation (NC 45.. i was a NC 44.5 before but since i got a tan i had to go darker)
L.A. Girl Pro Concealer  High Definition Concealer

Second Picture:

L.A. Girl Lip Liner (sexy red)
L.A. Girl Lip Liner (Coral )
L.A. Girl Lip Liner (Forever red)
Manhattan Xtreme last Lip Liner (red)
NYX soft matte lip cream (Stockholm)
NYX soft matte lip cream (Amsterdam)
NYX Round Lipstick (Electra)
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (Yellow gold pearl)
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (Walnutt Pearl )
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Iced Mocha)

Third Picture:

NYX Round Lipstick (Electra) thats how it looks!
Berry M Lipstick (121)
Sleek Pan tao Blush...just a sneak peak on how it looks...

I hope you like it and if you guys would recomment me a special product then let me know about it. I´d love to get some suggestions on what to get next. Okay out now..its late and im so tired. Oh and if you have a beautylish account let me know or follow me here.