Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashion Trend Fall 2011

I know some if yall be like "whats wrong with her? summer is not even over yet!" but in germany the weather is more than bad. So, i already think about what im going to wear in fall ,this year. I found out, that fur is going to be a huge trend this fall and i have to say IM SOOOO INTO IT! Im NOT talking about real fur tho...i only wear fake fur.
I already have a jacket made out of fake fur and i loooove it. Its such a diva style to me. DRAMA, DRAMA,
DRAMA :) Here are a couple of styles that i love.

( source: )

 ( source:

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Are you gonna wear fur fahionitems too this fall/winter? What are your "MUST- haves" for fall/winter ?


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