Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I suck!

OMG Ladies!!!!

im soooooo sorrryyyyyy!  I havent updated my blog for like a thousand years :S The reason is, im moving in a new apartment right now. I have 10 more days to go till i due but the doc said my baby boy might come earlier... and the apartement is not ready AT ALL!  Plus im not able to do things...like i cant even clean the damn floor -.- Everytime when i start cleaning stuff or doing little things,i get
f!cking contractions. Excuse my words but its really getting on my nerves. My poor boyfriend and his buddies do ALL the work....like painting and carrying stuff . I wanna do something too tho -.-
So the only thing i can do is searchin for lights and decoration and tell the boys where to put all the things.
Well, i dont wear make up neither...and dont even ask for fashion posts...i tell you...when i delivered my baby im going to buy a lot of new clothes...i cleared out my warderobe and i feel like i have nothing to wear anymore...
anyways, i hope you guys are patient with me and look forward to fashion&make-up posts in  few weeks. I dont know if im going to post pics from my baby boy but i´ll think about it. You could let me know what you think about baby pics online...