Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yaaaay, I got it!!

Hey Beauties,

guess what? Yeees, i got my jumpsuit finally. OMG i was so curious when my mom texted me like " Val come  home! The jumpsuits just arrived :) " Well i went back home and tried it on. The Jeans jumpsuit fits me perfectly but mom bought a Harem jumpsuit and she says she wanna get it a size smaller.. I tried on her jumpsuit  and it kinda looked like a maxi dress...i always thought "no val you are way to short to wear a maxi dress" but i like how it looked. So i guess my "next baby" gonna be a maxi dress or something similar. So i havent created an outfit arround the jumpsuit yet but im gonna do that soon. 2day is a rainy day and lazy sunday on top..thats why i don´t feel like going out and takin pics in the rain..I just felt like telling you guys the latest news :)

Im back with an outfit post soon...promiseee! ;)


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