Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project: Water

Good afternoon ladies!

Since my skin got worse the last weeks i had to do something. I watched like a million videos and read so several blogs about skin care. Actually i don´t have problems with my skin so i was kinda desperate.
I guess the problem was that i used everyday another moisturizer and i drank a lot of juice and sodas...i stoped that 2 days ago and now i just drink water and tea. I never expect that it would work soooo goood... Believe it or not: i had like 4 BIG pimples and they are almost healed(actually it would take like 5days to a week) . I did nothing but drinkin alot of water and using the same moisturizer every day. I´m still not that comfortable with the moisturizer...it works good but i have neurodermatitis and im scared that it could brake out again when i use it for a considerable time. I prefer to use Bepanthol face moisturizer without any perfumes or oils.
Anyways i just wanted to tell you guys about the "water thing" and i keep you updated how it´s going =)
And OMG!! i cant wait...2morrow is shopping day :) I cant wait to show you what i get...



  1. hey girl!! thanks for stopping by... i'm really lovin your blog! i looked through a few posts and i saw that you model! GOOD! because i was gonna tell you that you're stunning! so i'm glad you're putting it to good use!

    anyway, water really IS the best... it does the body good! i hope your face clears up!

    xo tiffany

  2. I just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!