Friday, March 12, 2010

How I take care of my hair

Hey Ladies !

It´s me again and 2night (12.58pm in Germany) im going to show you which products i use to take care of my hair.
I have naturally curly hair and most of the time it´s making me crazy. That´s why i wear it straight most of the time. I think it´s just easier to style and to create different looks when its straight.  I don´t straight my hair with Relaxers i just do it with an Iron flat. I use the "Tondeo- Eco Cerion Plus" and it really makes a hugggeee difference.
Here the difference:

So I guess you can see it for´s really great and the pic doesn´t even show it a 100%.
Anyways the iron flat may be better for the hair than a relaxer but it still stresses the hair quite a lot. To keep my hair healthy i use the Herbal Essences - Seductively Straight and Herbal Essences - Beautiful Ends Collection. I use them in turns and it works pretty good.
So when i get out of the shower i do not use a hairdryer cause that makes the hair extra dry and frizzy. My hair drys super fast anyways so it´s not really a problem for me.
Ok when my hair dried i spray  Douglas HAIR Hot&Safe Heat Protection Spray  by Douglas all over it and scrunch it a lil bit.

The last step is straighten my hair finally and i really tell you: if you straighten your hair several times a week it´s hugely important to use a Heat Protection Spray. I know this from experience cause i just started to use it like one or two years ago. And i remember how my ends were super broke and i had to cut off like 10cm or something. I was
Another Tip which i got from my favorite Blogger Dulce Candy is to put the Conditioner just in your ends because the hair has naturally oils. So the day before you wash your hair, if you don´t wash it everyday, you just brush it and spread the natural oils through your hair.

So if i wanna wear my hair curly i use different products and a different method to get tight ringlets. For that i use the Herbal Essences - It´s a curl thing  Collection. When i get out of the shower i brush them and put some Schwarzkopf Got2be Curl mouse in it. Honestly I don´t know if they have it in States too if not so just use a Curl mouse which is good for you. Well thats actually all i do... I don´t use a hairdryer and let them dry by the air.
Soooo....i hope i helped some of my ladies with curly hair a lil bit :)


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