Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let´s face it!!! I´m addicted to shoes

Gooood News!

Well since the weather is a lil bit warmer i´m feeling the desire to buy sooooooo many clothes and especially shoes for spring and summer...When i woke up this morning, i felt like buying me a new pair of high heels. I went to town and found nice gladiator high heels. I saw them, fell in love with them and bought them *lol*
They aren´t that high (4 1/4 inches) to me but i think they looking still sexy and they are just sooo comfortable..woow :)
 I took a picture of the shoe so you guys can look for yourself..

Aren´t they lovely?

Well i just have to figure out with what im going to wear my new babies..*lol* 
I might post some pics of the complete outfit later..but i guess u have to wait till 2morrow...
Okay im going to check my wardrobe now ;)
Valerie ♥