Monday, March 15, 2010

Another lazy Sunday

I feel guilty...

I´m so sorry that it took me so long to give you guys a lifesign... But my weekend was pretty boring and I did nothing but chilling in my bed, cleaning up and spending time with my mom and sis.
Well remember when i said im going out on friday? It was definitely a dead loss... We arrived at the club and it was packed. People there were going crazy...they were so drunk that they were jumping arround like crazy and they just didn´t care if they hit other people or not. I was so pissed that i went home after 45min. *lmao*
Back home i was like "daaamn you didn´t even take a picture of the outfit..." And why? Because i couldn´t get my cam on friday...I had to take care of my lil sis and she´s still sick so it was better to stay at home with her...So sorry again :-/
Soooo 2day is Sunday and it´s my personal " be lazy " day... The only thing i did 2day was cleaning up and visiting my neighbor Santana. She got a new header for her blog and i changed my blog layout too..I don´t know why but i didn´t like the way it looked before.. how do you like the new look?
So i took a pic of my "lazy sunday" outfit tooo... It´s so comfortable..just my "chill look". My mom got me the pullover and i really like it. :)

I know i´m looking like "wtf" but it´s just sunday..

What i´m wearing:
Pullover: Be cool
Leggings: Amisu
Boots: UGGS

Well 2morrow i get my cam finna...i really can´t wait no more... I´m tired and need my sleep..Be back 2morrow...


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  1. Very cute casual outfit!! This is how I look like on a typical school day!