Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday Night

Hey girls,

Santana and me went out last night and i wore my new shoes for the first time. They were so really suprised me. I combined it with black leather leggings and a black top. Simple but it was unplanned that we go to the club,so i didn´t feel like spending "years" with choosing an outfit. We took a few pictures and if im lucky there might be a picture of my not sure though.
I feel soooo bad. It´s so annoying without my cam. It freaks me out.
If you are wondering why I didn´t take a picture of my outfit before i left: my friend was about to take a pic when the taxi arrived. So we were in a hurry and when we were in the club i just forgot about it :-/
Shame on me i kno! :(
Well i´m going to upload some photos 2morrow when i had a chance to get the pics.
I´m tired...last night was crazy and im so exhausted that im goin to stay at home 2night..I guess ill go to bed right after this

Good night

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