Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drugstore shopping!

Hey everyoneeee!

I took a walk with my friend 2day and i went to the drugstore just to see what they got.. <-- ok i guess everbody knows that i wouldn´t leave the store without some new lil things *lol*  Well anyways..I found cute nail polish and i bought a peeling from Garnier. I just tried to find out how they call it in English but i couldnt find the name of the edition..Anyways its against pimpels and dark spots/scars in your gonna try that because i have a few dark spots too. Its not thaaaaat bad but i still would be happier if they were away :)

the left one is called "109 lavender" and the right one "105 sugar"

I think im goin to combine those 2 colours and see how it looks. Im goin to update the blog in a little while and show u the result.
Talk to you in a lil bit...

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