Friday, April 23, 2010

Drugstore shopping pt. 2

 Hey Dolls!

Me and ma friend went downtown yesterday and we made a good bargain. We went to the 1euro shop cause they had products like Herbal Essences, Dove, Gliss Kur and Pantene Pro V for 1euro. Dont ask me why they sold them for one euro...i thought it was fake at first but then i jus bought it and it works like the normal Herbal etc. too. I compared it to my other Herbal Shampoo and i couldnt find a difference..
Well i bought som hair products and and a cellulite shower peeling..YES i said it *lol* I dont have worse cellulite or so its just that i have exactly one part on the inner thigh that i dnt like..well everybody else says im crazy but even though im makes me feel better when i use it *haha*

And we went to the nail salon too...on our way home we bought a few nail polishs and painted our nails at my friends house. I was kinda creativ yesterday so here is how i styled ma nails:

I wanted to take some outfit pics too but it didnt work out cause i was in a hurry later that im gonna do this 2day..the sun is shining and the sky is blue.. so lets see what im gonna wear later :)
Talk to you later Ladies:)


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