Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Hey Dolls,

2days is my Birthday (turnin 20) and i wanna show you what i got so far...there will be a "Birthdaypost Part 2" cause i havent got all my presents yet. I had a great day even though i wont go out. Im just gonna relax with my Boyfriend and enjoy the last few hours before we hit the sheets.

Love the design...

Awww my lil sister bought me those slippers...i tell you they r BOMB! my feet are sooooo warm <3

I got this ring from my mom and i aboslutely LOVE it...

Now look at my yummy birthday cakes:

cute muffins with pink and white sugger hearts 
 delicious cheese cake

I dont know the name of this cake but i tell you: It´s SOOOOO tasty..i just cant get enough!

So thats pretty much what i got i said im gonna do another blog post on the other gifts i´ll get in a few days...And to answer the question if i feel different now...This is the first time i say YES I DO! Im going to be a mommy im like 2 month and i just cant wait. There is a new part of my life in front of me and im happy and scared at the same definitely not a kid anymore and i gotta carry responsibility for me and my son now! NO GAMES ANYMORE! And i thank GOD i have such a great man and dad for my son...i really love him with all my heart and he makes me to one of the happiest girls day by day...
 So my lil man is going crazy in ma belly right now...i gotta calm him down cause since he is pretty big it kinda hurts when he´s movin that much....


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