Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review on Garnier deep conditioner

Hey Dolls,

since i cant find the battery of my cam im pretty pissed. I bought a few new things and wanna show them so bad. It just sucks -.-
Anyways, I went to the salon a couple of days ago and i thought its a good moment to try out the garnier deep conditioner. I bought it a while ago and forgot about it until i felt like takin a bath last night.

 How to use the Garnier Deep Conditioner:

1. Wash your hair with the product you use normally.
2. Wash your hair out.
- (It´s your decision if you use your normal conditioner before you use the Garnier Deep Conditioner)
3. Rub the Deep Conditioner in your hair.
4. Leave it in your hair for 2 minutes or longer. (Personally I left it in for 10 or 15 min. )
5. Wash it out and go on with your regular rountine.

I think it works great. My hair felt way better afterwards. It´s still super smooth and it was uper easy to brush my hair. I really recommend this product. There is only one thing, that i ddnt like about it and that was the smell. It smells kinda weird to me but it might be my pregnancy too :)


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