Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sale, Sale, Sale!!!

Hey Ladies!

My friend called me 2day and asked me to go in the city to buy the last christmas presents. I said "okayyy, here we go" and went shopping with her. I made a good bargain and bought a T-shirt and a Leggings. I really love wearin Leggings since im preggo. I wear actually nothing else but Leggings and Tights. So thats what i got

Nothing special but the T-Shirt was only 5 bucks and the Leggings 7. I can´t wait to create an outfit arround it...cant do it yet cause i havent gotten my shoes yet. I also bought shoes from ASOS and i wanna wear them with the Leggings, i think. I dont know if it really looks like i want it to look. *lol* We´ll see!
Anyways that are the shoes that i ordered.

I think i can wear them even though im pregnant. They are not that high...well not for me at least...caaaaaan´t wait to get them...ASOS sent me a mail sayin that my shoes are on the way already :D I actually wanted to buy the ankle boots from Aldo..they were 50% off but they were way to oversized. Then i found this pair and i thought "you gotta get them"..they were 50% off as well...so i paid only 35 bucks. Maybe they´ll get here before christmas...i really hope so...
Did you buy everything for christmas yet? I still gotta buy some gifts...lol

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