Friday, December 3, 2010

Beauty Products


i fina got the cam from my boyfriends mom yesterday evening and took pics from all em beauty products i bought last week. I can even give you a review on most of them already.

1. Gliss Kur Deep conditioner: Havent tried it yet.

2. Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Express-Repair Conditioner: I love love love this product...i use it every day and it makes my hair so smooth. Its so easy to brush my hair after i used it. I recommend it, if you have dry, frizzy hair or split ends.

3. Iseree Peeling Gel: I think this is a german product but you can get something similar. I dont like soft peeling that´s why i bought this one. As you can see the peeling pellets look pretty big compared with soft peeling. I love it. It gives me a really clean feeling after i used it. But if you have already dry skin you gotta try it out. I dont know if its the right thing for you then.

4. Nivea Soft Lotion: I use this cream for my face right now cause since im pregnant everything changed a lil bit. My faceskin got pretty weird. Like sometimes its oily and sometimes it´s super dry. But this Lotion is super moisturizing and gives me a fresh look. Even at night my skin still feels moisturized and smooth.

5. Fa Joghurt Sensitive shower cream: I felt recently in love with that product. It smells not that intensiv and works better for me since my pregnancy got me a dog nose. I smell everything so intensiv and sometimes its just to much. I feel sick if i smell perfume or cigarette smoke. Like i smell it when somebody smokes a cigarette outside and i sit in my boyfriends room. He lives on the 3rd floor and i be like "somebody is smokin in here"  He is like " no what are you talkin?"  He looks outta the window and says "there is a person smokin down there..are u kiddin me? how can u smell that?"  Well i dont know...all i know is that its gettin on ma nerves to smell everything so intensiv. thats why i bought a pretty neutral shower cream and it really works for me.

6. Dove Hydro Fresh Body Lotion: I adore this body lotion. Just like the nivea soft lotion is it sooooo moisturizing. My skin wouldnt get dry again when i used this Lotion in the morning. I recommend this Lotion to everybody who reads this. Get it!

7. Nivea pure invisible 24h Deo: I always get this deo. It works always...It smells like you just hopped outta your shower. love it.

8. Catrice absolut moisture Lipstick (140 Burgundy): Its the left one of both. And i thing its such a pretty colour. I love this darkred and it fits so perfect to the winter and christmas time <3 It lasts pretty long and moisturzies my lips very well. I only payed like 3euro for it and i think there is nothing to complain about for that price.

9. Catrice Rouge Satin Lipstick (120 nude beige): Such a nice colour. It fits to every outfit and you could actually use it everyday. Just like the other one it moisturizes your lips good and lasts long. I think it´s a pretty colour for spring or when you wear pastel colors or when you go for a super natural make-up. 

I dont know why the pic came out so blurry but i tried it a hundret times and it just ddnt get better...i hope you dont mind it <3

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