Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whats on my plan 4 today?

Hello Ladies :)

When i fell asleep last night i already told my boyfriend " i think ima get sick..i feel so bad" He told me to sleep and thats what i did...i acutally wanted to get up at 8 o´clock but i felt so weak. So i slept untill 9.30am. Right now it´s 10.31am in Germany and i feel sooo HORRIBLE!!!! I guess im about to have a cold. Plus it´s raining and cold here. That makes me feel even sicker. But for all that i wanna go shoe shopping. My mom asked me to go shoe shopping yesterday and i wanna go so bad... Oh, i totally forgot about that:

!!!!Ahhhh, i got my Sigma Kambuki F80 yesterday!!!!

Since i got my brush FINA! i definitely need to get a new foundation asap. I thought bout getting sum MAC stuff..but my inner voice says things like " val you really shouldnt affort expensiv make up right now" So i guess i´ll place this on  hold and go for my good old foundation that i´ve been using for years. It´s a drugstore foundation and i don´t even know how it´s called but i know its from Manhatten. I really don´t feel like trying something new again, cause in the end i might be unhappy with it. So i thought as long as my inner voice is telling me to get something cheaper than MAC, i´ll get my old one.
If i feel not that bad when im back i´ll do another post and blog about the things i got and ima do a make-up look to tell you guys if the Brush works for me or not.
I gotta get ready now and i feel so worse...i don´t even feel like go shopping...that means i start gettin 4 REAL! lol
Okay time to hit the shower


PS. Im going to move out soon, so i have to look for a new apartment. So i guess im going to blog about stuff like home docoration as well.. I hope you guys don´t mind it.

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