Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review on my beauty products

soooooo i contacted the company where i ordered my brush and for some reason something went wrong with the i gotta do that again. -.- That means i gotta wait a few more days till i get it..

I thought im going to give you at least the review on my products then. So here we go:

L´Oréal Glam Bronze Minerals 102 Brunette:
So i had to get a new Bronzer and i got this one cause it was on sale and they had 50% off. I tried it out for the first time...uhm i guess last week...and i don´t know if its my skin, the brush, the make up or whatever but it didn´t really work for me when i used it. When i put on my make up and use the Bronze Minerals it looks always kinda patchy. I haven´t figured out yet if it´s the make-up or the brush. I lost my brush and now i have to use the one i got with the product:
<---- I don´t know if anybody knows this brush but if so please let me know if u get along with it or not. It would really help me to figure out if i have to change the make up or if i need to get a new brush asap.
BUT even though the bronzer makes me crazy it gives you a nice glam...I already thought it might even be cause im pregnant..maybe it changes how my skin gets along with make up. I dont know urgh!
Maybelline Pure Mineral Make-Up:
I bought the Maybelline Mineral Make-Up and it´s def nothing for me. I don´t feel comy with it at all. It´s absolutely not covering and i don´t like the way it looks...My skin looks always kinda oily when i used it. And i feel like i put it on and 30 min later it looks like i don´t even know the word make up. It´s just gone. That´s why i thought it might be the make-up what makes the bronzer lookin patchy. Cause if the foundation just disappears how can the bronzer look still nice??
Anyways i don´t know how you feel about it but i def won´t buy this make-up again.
Maybelline Fix Powder:
I haven´t tried it yet. I thought it´s not even worth it when my make up looks worse after 30 min.  I think even fix powder can´t change it.
Essence XXL shine Lipgloss- contains carmine:
I LOVE IT!!!! it looks so pretty and it works perfect for your everyday life.
Essence Lipliner- 03 hot chocolate:
It doesn´t really look like hot chocolate to me but it works fine. It looks pretty natural and you don´t really see it but it still contures your lips.
Essence metal glam eyeliner- 01 got a date?:
OMFG! I wish they had other colours of a real dark blue or something. It looks sooooo nice and you can use it for your everyday make up or for a night make-up. It looks pretty glamorous to me.
Girls, please do me a favor and leave me a comment down below.. just tell me if you had have experiences with one of those products or what kinda make-up or bronzin powder you would recommend. I really need suggestions on what to get. Im kinda
Thank you guys so much <3
                                                                                   Valerie + The Baby
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