Tuesday, September 14, 2010

kambuki...where are you?

Hey dolls,

so im waiting soooo bad for my kambuki that i ordered from sigma...I hope i get it maybe today cause i seriously wanna start wearin make-up again. Since im pregnant im really weird...believe it or not but i felt umcomfy when i wore make-up. It felt like i had a mask on 24/7. I wore no make up for almost 2 month now :O
So when i ordered the Kambuki i thought "okay you gonna wear make up again when u got the brush, so you can give a review on how it works too" Well now im waiting and waiting and waiting...im so excited to try it out...Right now im at my boyfriends house but im going to check out if i got a package when im at home. Cross your fingers and i might give you a review on it in a lil while...


Ps: it´s about time to tell you how my other products worked out but im going to do this in a whole "review post"

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