Friday, August 19, 2011

Garage shoes - Never again!

Hey dolls,

this post is not really about fashion..its about a seller on Amazon. The seller calls his shop "Garage shoes" (the seller is from the UK) and i was so excited when i found this shop cause the shoes were simple but nice, super high and not that expensiv. I ordered the shoes and in my mind i already created an outfit arround them.

That were the shoes by the way

The shoes should be delivered by Aug. 3th - 6th. When i checked my mails, everything seemed normal. I even got a mail, that said "sent" . Well...that was a HUGE JOKE! I havent gotten NOTHING so far. I contacted Amazon and they told me they were going to contact the seller for me, i should wait one more week because of the riots in the UK. That seemed logical to me, so i did what they told me. After waiting one more week, i neither got the shoes nor an email from the seller. So i called Amazon again, and they said they contact the seller one more time. I should wait 3 more days. Even I contacted the seller myself this time. I waited 5 days instead of 3 days and i havent gotten nothing. NO email and NO shoes -.-  I just called Amazon and told them to propose a motion for my money. I sure as hell want my money back. They told me, ill get it back most likely. If you ever search for shoes on Amazon, DO NOT buy shoes from Garage Shoes. Even if it´s very seductive. 
I felt so frustrated this morning and bought a different pair of heels. From the UK again, i hope i wont be disappointed this time. I should get these babies anytime soon:

Other topic: Im going to delete my German Blog and include it on here. Im going to write my posts in english and german from now on. I think its easier for me and i like this blog better :) 

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