Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey Beauties!

A couple of days ago, i discovered a lovely blog, called Cinnamon Tan . I read about this site called ObviLux on their blog and i became totally infected with it. As you guys know, im addicted to online shopping and sometimes i spend a whole night trying to find new online shops or just browsing through a billion of online shops. I always see gorgeous things, that i wanna have and most of the time i add a bookmark then. But i have absolutely no system in my bookmarks, plus i think i have more than a 100 bookmarks. As you can imagine its pretty hard to find the things, i saved yesterday night. Thats why im even happier, i came across this amazing blog. Its not just that im going to read a new interesting blog in the future, i also found the answer to my ( and to your ) online shopping problem:

super easy to use and to understand

You have your own page, called "My Luxes". Here you save and collect all your Lux´d items.
Also everytime you "lux" an item you gain points. Ranking goes from "Fashionista" up to "The Lux Life".

You can follow you other users AND your favorite shops as well. Of course you can see, what they have been "Luxing" and "Re-Luxing" !

I know you wanna "Lux" too right? ;)

This is how it works:

1. Sign up here 

2. Download the "Lux it!" Tab and drop it in your Toolbar.
(That´s what i did, so its always easy to lux my fav. items)

3. You´re already done! When you shop online and you see an item you´d like to have, click on "Lux it!" and a yellow frame will appear arround the picture of your fav. item. Just click, tag it and title it. Now you dont have to worry anymore, the item is saved in your own "My Luxes" section. You just have to click on it, and you get back to the original webpage, so you can buy it :) 

I absolutely love it ! Thanks to ObviLux for making this possible :)


PS: As you guys maybe know, i have a german blog too. I think about deleting the german one and write my posts on here in english and german. I think it´d be easier for me to manage the whole "blog thing". 
What do you guys think?
Let me know!

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