Monday, August 23, 2010

Online shopping :)

Hey dolls,

i decided to do some online shopping...brushes shopping to be exactly! I wanted to buy me a few new brushes for so long but i didnt kno if i should go for MAC brushes or whatever...Im so glad im following great fashion and beauty gurus. Following Sonias blog (she has also a youtube channel ) helped me so much to know what kinda brush i want. She wrote about the Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80  foundation brush from Sigma and i thought well why not. I googled a few more reviews on this brush and i read like 95% good things about it. Im going to buy me this brush too. For those who doesnt live in the US: I found this page called Cambree for ppl living in Germany, the UK or Italy. You can also order the brush there.
Im going to search for a few more products like a deep conditioner for my hair is drivin me crazy at the moment and i really dont kno what to do.

Talk to you later

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  1. Yeah I love her channel, I already have some sigma brushes and will be buying more soon. there really good brushes