Friday, June 3, 2011

All bad

Good evening everybody! ( or maybe Gidday to all my oversea readers)

Today is not my day...NOT AT ALL!!!! I went super tired to bed last night was like 1am and i finally fell asleep at 5am!!!!!!!!! *smh* I was soooo tired but i just couldnt sleep...i have no clue why. 
Well i got a letter in the mail 2 days ago. It said that my shoes are here finally and that they´re in the customers. I wasn´t really sure about a few things and wanted to call them. Well yesterday was a holiday (Father´s day) in germany, so i had to wait till 2day. And thats where the big disaster starts! 
I got up and called the custom to get a few more informations. I have to copy a bank statement that proves that i payed the shoes and that shows how much they were. I thought "okay no going to copy it and fax it to their office. I searched my bank statements and saw one payment ( i bought 2 pairs of shoes on different days) on the bank statement. It wasn´t the right one tho and i was lookin for the other looking..and looking...and loookiiinnnggg!!!! and i  just couldnt find it. So i took my bank card and the statements and jumped to the bank real quick. When i talked to the bank assistant she wouldn´t even listen to my problem and  kept breaking in when i was tryin to explain her my problem. She said "im going to print off the bank statements for you again.." Well it wasn´t the problem that i lost my bank statements...the problem was that i just couldn´t see the payment on the them! So i broke it down for her AGAIN (!!) and she still wouldn´t listen to me so i just went back home and called my head office. Fortunately the contact person understood my problem and checked, if she could see what the problem was. But even she got confused about it and told me to call PayPal. I checkt the PayPal site for any contact informations and found an Email adress and phone number. I prefered to write an email cause if you wanna call them, you have to pay like 14 up to 30 cents per minute! I mean Are you guys serious???? 
Anyways...i wrote an email and got a quick answer, but my problem was still not solved..the contact person told me to call them, so they could help me better or to paint out the bank statements that everyone has in their PayPal account. I logged in my PayPal account and wanted to print off the bank statements and when i did that i got weird letters and numbers...i felt like i was Neo in Matrix!!! who the heck gonna understand this weird lettercode!? It took me the whole day to get those informations...and then im getting some weird lettercodes and numbercodes???????????????? You might think "Why is she trippin so bad?" 
Im going to tell you why! This is about my shoes!!! And this is no laughin matter anymore!!!!! Im seriously freaking out when it´s about my shoes...Im waiting for so long already...and im a sucker for shoes anyways.
Soo now its 9.36pm and im still at the same point...and im so upset. So apologize me complaining here but i had to give vent to my anger...

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