Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank God it´s Saturday!

Hey Beauties!

Thank God, it´s Saturday...Im so glad that friday is over...i was in such a bad mood yesterday. Not even the UPS supplier could cheer me up. BUTTT today i got another package and i got my Costal Scents 88 warm palette :D Oh by the way, i got a gel eyeliner and eyeprimer yesterday. Also my mom and i went to an old friend of hers to show her my son. She owns a vintage shop and i felt like in paradise :) I wanted a clutch so bad and i just couldnt find a pretty one..Bless the vintage shops...after 5 minutes looking through all the treasures, i found a pretty white clutch.

i think it fits perfect to my nude heels 

I painted my nails last night
I used the Manhattan "underwater love" as the foundation and a Prismatic top coat on top of it!
Can you see the difference?


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  1. I love the shoes and clutch perfect match!