Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gotta love those Nerd-Glasses

Talking point: Nerd-Glasses...In this point opinions differ. I wasn´t really sure if i liked this look until i wore my brothers nerd glasses the first time. I just couldn´t stop wearing these...It was unused to me when i looked in the mirror but i like the completely different look. So i started to wear them everytime when i visited my brother and i just love the "Nerd look" now. My mind is quite made up: I´m goin to buy me those glasses too. I can´t wait to get them and to create a new style.
I haven´t bought them yet so you have to wait a little bit till u get to see my new look..I hope yall gonna like it tho.

my lil brother wearin Nerd-Glasses

Well  i really do love Nerd-Glasses and Celebs do too:

Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z
Scarlett Johansson

Justin Timberlake

Chris Brown


Rihanna (<--i would kill 4 her glasses lol )

 What do you think bout Nerd-Glasses?