Monday, February 22, 2010

Something about me ♥♥♥

Alot i can say to tell you about my life, but i'd rather not.. ive had my share of memories... good &bad.. Pointless fights, wasted minutes, laughs that wouldn't stop...but WHO CARES ABOUT YESTERDAYS =) Yea ive made sum mistakes, and I don´t even regret one thing in my past! I can go on &on.. boo hoo.. Thats jus LiFE!! &ive learned from every bad choice.. &even though some things i'll never get back.. im happy with the way things are... Each day im learning more &more.. &really thats all that matters... Life has a way in bringing out the worst in people.. thats just the way it is.. so if ya part of my past.. kiss my ass!! I have a tight circle && you can put your money on me keepin that way.. Every mistake and tribulation has made me the person & W O M A N that i am today. If life was perfect, i'd be boring.... imHAPPy!! im living my life && EVERYTHiNG that means 


  1. You look amazing in your pics and radiate beauty from the inside out,God Bless babygirl,you're gorgeous in every sense of the word, may you reach the summit on your climb to the top,stay blessed,much love always


  2. I absolutely LOVE this blog. I see so much of your personality and charm. Your pictures are gorgeous of course and I love the entire look of the blog!!! Especially your intro pic... BEAUTIFUL... I'm gonna do my best to help you promote it. Congrats again hun and I'm super duper duper proud of you ♥ *clapping*