Sunday, May 29, 2011

All that glitters is not gold!

Hey there!

I was looking through my pictures on my laptop and i came across a few pictures that i shot a couple of days ago. It´s a review on an Eyeliner and i actually dont even know if they sell p2 cosmetics in the USA. But if so then this might be interesting for you.
The Eyeliner is called "Gloss Mania Eyeliner" and its basically a Lacquer Eyeliner.
It says: fast-drying lacquer eyeliner for a high-gloss finish.
Thats how it looked when i applied it.

Not really glossy but i thought "okay...just give it a try" Well this is how i looked after celebrating my friends birthday. We sat a few hours in the park and went in a restaurant afterwards. I really did nothing my make-up should look pretty much the same like it looked when i applied it.

Here the result:

When i came home and looke in the mirror i was like "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY EYELINER!!!????"  I mean i bought it at a drugstore and it was only 2 bucks or something but still...Im using a drugstore eyeliner for 3 bucks in other ways as well and something like that never happened to me. The Eyeliner was basically crumbeled and half of the eyelid line faded. This was definitely a mispurchasing and i think if i try omething like a lacquer eyeliner again, then im getting one from a high-end make up brand.


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  1. I will defiantly wear this look, its so amazing and I really love the winged liner