Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh so nude!


How yall doing 2day? Im doing good, just a lil bit tired tho. Just put my lil monkey to bed and now i have finally time to write a blog post. I went to the nail salon 2day and got my nails done. I had black nail tips and got pretty fast tired of it. Now that summer is here i wanna paint my nails again and so i got rid of the "winter nails".
I had to buy diapers for my son 2day and went to he drugstore...and of course i bought something for me as well...*looks on the floor* But the nail polish, i got, was just to cute and fits to the heels i ordered.
I got a Manhattan Nail polish from the Manhattan meets Buffalo Limited Edition and its called 95E "Need Chai Latte". Its actually a nude and this is how it looks:

I also got a Lipgloss and a Lipliner from Essence.

Essence "Stay with me" Lipgloss - 01 Me& My Icecream
Essence Lipliner - 07 Cute pink

I think it goes well together....using the lipliner first and give it a glossy finish with the Lipgloss. I already know which outfit i wanna wear, when i use the Lipgloss and Lipliner. But you gotta be patient cause my shoes are still on the way to mommy...havnt gotten them yet. The topic will be color blocking tho :)


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